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Narrative-Descriptive Essay 

Description tells the reader about how something (a person, place, or thing; animal, vegetable, or mineral) looks, sounds, feels, tastes, or smells, or any combination of those sensory observations. Writing description encourages the writer to focus on the specific details and to improve the skills of observation. Description also teaches the writer to select the best or most appropriate details to support the thesis of the essay.

Narration tells the reader a story. The writer of narration often uses the skills of description in the telling of the narrative. The details of description often give drama or excitement or tension to the story, or make the story come “alive,” be vital or dynamic. 

The following essays are examples of the Narrative-Descriptive patterns of development.  Note that no one essay is exclusively one or the other of the two patterns of development, but they reflect a combination of the two patterns to create the most interesting essay.

Unforgettable Places from My Childhood, Olga Rudzki