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John Bacheller

Office: DSCI 211      Phone: (813) 253-7256      eMail: jbacheller@hccfl.edu

“Textbook” Information for Mr. Bacheller’s Distance Learning Courses

I have negotiated a discount on the required materials for this course by linking the lecture and lab courses.  This means you must register for both my lecture and Lab courses. The lecture course utilize an interactive eText called SmartBook and the lab course uses a series of lab simulations called LearnSmart Labs. The content for both courses is accessed by purchasing a single access code.  (In the past students purchased separate access codes for each course).

Specific course information is listed below.

Purchasing the Access Code for Your Courses

Students can purchase the combined access code for both lecture and lab courses:

1) Directly from the publisher during the product registration process (instructions will be emailed to you in an “Instructor Welcome Message”).  This requires the use of a credit card but will save you approximately $100 over the campus bookstore pricing of the products when purchased as separate access codes.

2) From the Dale Mabry Campus Bookstore.  If you choose this option be sure the access code that you purchase is for your specific course section numbers and have the specific ISBN listed below.  If you get the wrong codes and open them you are not likely to get a refund. 

Biological Foundations - BSC 1005 Sec 68802 and BSC 1005L Sec 68808 uses:

Essentials of Biology, 4th edition, 2014.  Sylvia Mader and Michael Windelspecht

McGraw-Hill Higher Education.LearnSmart Labs Biology, McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

The combination ISBN: 9781259337291  ($120.00)

Biological Sciences 1 - BSC 2000 Sec 66994 and BSC 2000L Sec 67004 uses:

Biology, 10th edition, 2013.   Mason, Losos, and SingerMcGraw-Hill Higher Education.

LearnSmart Labs Biology, McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

The combination ISBN: 9781259611094   ($131 or $140 - I've been told two different prices)

Note: This access code will also work for the Distance Learning BSC 2011 and 2011L from Dr. Germroth if you take it the next semester. 

Microbiology and Human Disease – MCB 2000 Sec 67252 and MCB 2000L Sec 67281 uses:

Microbiology Fundamentals: A Clinical Approach, 1st edition, 2013.  Kelly Cowan and Jennifer Bunn

McGraw-Hill Higher Education.LearnSmart Labs Microbiology, McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

The combination ISBN: 9781259333866   ($120.00)

Warning: The Dale Mabry Bookstore sells a printed copy of this textbook with an access code to Connect Plus.  This access code will not work for this class – it has a different ISBN.