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BSC 1085 Human Anatomy and Physiology I - Homepage

General announcement for Spring 2013: I will teach BSC 1085 as an online lecture class. Only well organized students who are independent learners should consider taking a distance learning course in A&P!

I also offer two sections of BSC 1085 lab, taught in hybrid format. Hybrid means that at least 50% of the coursework is mediated online. We shall meet on campus 6 times during the term, roughly every other week.

Where is the course located?

All courses are located inside MyHcc (Blackboard). They will become accessible to you the first day of the term, January 7th.

Note that you have no course access before the beginning of the term!

Where is the syllabus?

I will e-mail the syllabus to you via your HCC e-mail acount (Hawkmail). If you are registered in one of my courses expect a syllabus in your Hawkmail account about one week before the start of the term. Please make sure that you have space in your Hawkmail inbox as you will receive the syllabus as a mail attachment. I will sent it a second time on the first day of the term. After that the syllabi are available inside the Blackboard courses.

Textbook requirements (Do not buy a textbook until you have read through the syllabus for the course!):

For lecture: McKinley, Bidle and O'Loughlin: Anatomy and Physiology: An Integrative Approach; McGraw-Hill, 2013

Note: I suggest that you will use the eText. However, you can buy the traditional print textbook at the HCC bookstore. This will include an access code to Connect. More details will be in the syllabus and the course orientation. So please be patient!

For lab: A&P I laboratory manual; Manis, Bohm, Snyder - newest edition.

This is ONLY available in the HCC bookstore at the Dale Mabry Campus as this is a specific lab manual, written in-house and geared toward the equipment and lab exercises we do here at the Dale Mabry Campus. You will also need to use a software which is included in your access to "Connect". If you are not enrolled in the online lecture you will have to buy access to Connect. Details will be explained in the syllabus and first on-campus meeting.