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Welcome to BSC 2011 - Biology II for Majors (Distance Learning)

I will offer this course in Fall 2014. 

This course explores four themes: 

1. An exploration of the theory of evolution and the interconnected history of life and this planet

2. An introduction into the diversity of life on earth

3. A look at roots and types of animal behavior

4. An introduction into major concepts of Ecology

Where is the syllabus?

I will e-mail the syllabus to you via your HCC e-mail acount (Hawkmail). If you are registered in one of my courses one week before the start of the term and have space in your Hawkmail inbox you will receive the syllabus as a mail attachment. I will sent it a second time on the first day of the term. After that the syllabi are available inside the Blackboard courses.

Where is the course located?

All courses are located inside MyHcc (Blackboard). They will become accessible to you the first day of the term, January 7th.

Note that you have no course access before the beginning of the term!