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Frequently Asked Questions for Hybrid classes:  (note that all of these issues are addressed in the course syllabus posted under Course Information)

1.  Where do I go to Log-in to the course?

Go to the main web page of Hillsborough Community College - www. hccfl.edu

Choose MyHCC on the upper right hand blue menu bar.

NOTE: You will not be able to log in to your classes until the day they begin.

2.    Where do I go for help with the online portion of the class?

Computer requirements:  When you sign up for a hybrid course, you are assuming the responsibility to master the necessary technology.  In a traditional face-to-face course, I can give you directions for how to get to the library but I will not take you there myself.   You will need to be able to conduct college-level research for your speech topics but I will not explain how to use the library catalogue.  You ask a librarian for help with this information.  The same goes for the online portion of the course.  I assume that you have taken the necessary steps to assure your own success using computer technology and that you will know where to go for help if needed.  This is your responsibility.  

Here is what you can expect me to do:   I will give a comprehensive overview of the Blackboard system in class.  I will help you before or after class as well as answer pertinent questions in class.  I will help you all that you want during my face-to-face office hours.  I will answer questions posted in the "Ask a Question" online conference.  I will direct you to the open computer labs and where else you can go for help when I am not available.

Put this number in your speed-dial: 

Help with MyHCC: 

For 24/7 assistance, click on this link http://hcclive.hccfl.edu or dial toll-free 1-877-736-2575.


3.       Is a textbook required?


  •  Is a textbook required?

YES!  The textbook we are using is:

  Required Text:   Beebe, S., and Beebe, S (2105).  Public Speaking:  An Audience Centered Approach (9th Edition).   Custom Edition for HCC.  Pearson Education.  This comes three-hole punched, shrink-wrapped, with a code to access Pearson's online website and the e-book.  Approx. $77.00 before tax. ISBN-13: 09781269871761  


Beebe Mycommunicationlab with e-book Standalone Access Code
ISBN: 0205955126  Approximate cost - $65.00

Beebe Mycommunicationlab with NO ebook,  Standalone Access Code
ISBN: 0205955096.  Approx. cost $40.00

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THE BOOK's ACCESS CODE TO THE PEARSON WEBSITE.  The site has helpful sample outlines and videos as well as practice quizzes.  However, all of your required class content including quizzes is found within our Blackboard classroom Website.  

It is acceptable to buy a used older edition and then purchase the online code if you want access to the online material. 

  There are a few more options that I will discuss in an email and an announcement once you are enrolled..  


4.  How much work is a hybrid class compared to a face-to-face class?  Please read the letters from past semesters' students:   

Dear Next Semester's Students:

My name is Earle and here is some advice to you.

First, the hybrid format, this was my first semester ever taking a hybrid format class. Now that the semester is over, I still haven’t decided if I like this format of class. Let me explain, it was nice only going to class once per week. It made the time breeze by, but that was the problem. There were two times in the middle of the semester that I missed two consecutive weeks of quizzes. I still can remember missing a week, with the hybrid format it’s nice to only attend class once per week but it is very easy to lose track of your weekly assignments.

Second, the speeches don’t be nervous they are fun. Let me say it again don’t be nervous they are fun. The topics are all great, they will teach you things about yourself that you don’t know. They also encourage you to be more of a humanitarian and friend to your peers. My advice to you would be to practice out loud. Have someone listen and critique you, it’s a great help. The book was also a great help, it walks you through step by step with plenty of examples. Take you time during speeches and talk to the class as if you were speaking to your best friend.

Third, the quizzes, Man! They were very easy. I hated to lose points on these. Use your book the answers are in there. You want to buy the book for this class, you will need it. It’s is very easy to lose track of time, especially in the middle of the semester, be careful around this period.

Last, the course in general, I listed this course as one of my favorite classes ever taken at HCC in my exit class for graduation. Ms Stein was an excellent professor. Listen to her. She knows what she is talking about. She is a very fair professor and cares about her student’s success. The topics were awesome. They taught me a lot about who I am and my culture. In this course I learned more about people at HCC than I did in 2 year of schooling here. I loved the experience in this class it was like learning to ride a bike. Difficult at first but got easier as it when on, then I was fun. Now it’s something I will value for the rest of my life.

Good luck to you and I hope you have as much fun as I did,



Earle Josiah, SPC 1608 Spring 2011