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Frequently Asked Questions:


  •       Do I have the technology capability to take online public speaking?


Go to this site to learn more about expectations of students enrolled in online classes:



Computer requirements:

When you sign up for an online course, you are assuming the responsibility to master the necessary technology. I will help you navigate within the online classroom and will provide any help that you may need on your assignments.  

When it comes to technology in an online class, I assume that you have taken the necessary steps to assure your own success in an online course and that you will know where to go for help if needed.  This is your responsibility.  

You can now use READI, a free online assessment tool to help you determine your READINESS for taking Distance Learning courses at HCC.  I encourage all students to take this assessment prior to registering for a Distance Learning course.   READI will give you an estimate of your strengths in different components.  READI measures reading speed and comprehension, technical competency, academic attributes, personal interests and learning styles.

If you are in a pinch and have access to an HCC campus, you can use the computers in the libraries or computer labs. 

Ideally, you will have a computer at home to use since you will need to login several times a week in order to complete your assignments. 


To open up this url (web link), use your mouse to right click the link and open in a new tab or new window.  


Video recorder requirements:

You will be required to record three presentations and upload them onto YouTube.  You will need a digital video recorder and the software and computer cables necessary for uploading digital files. YouTube  allows you to keep videos marked as “private” but you are required to submit your viewing ID to the instructor and to your classmates for peer review.  YouTube provides a number of tutorials for how to properly record and upload your videos:


To open up a url, you can right-click if the url is underlined and open up a new tab or window - which means it has been "linked".  If not, you must copy and paste the url into a new browser window to open it up.

In addition to YouTube, you may use any other high-quality video streaming service such as Vimeo or Facebook.

I strongly encourage you to create a YouTube account if you haven't already, make a sample video, and upload it onto YouTube for viewing so you clearly understand the procedure and how long it takes .


  •      Will I be required to have an audience? 


YES!  You will be required to have a live audience for each speech.  The number of audience members may vary from speech to speech.  Make sure that you have enough friends, family, roommates, co-workers, and neighbors to rely on for your audience. Children and animals do not count as audience members.   Your audience will introduce themselves on the camera and you will then proceed directly into your speech.   You should speak to the AUDIENCE and not the camera.  Please see the following video of Stephen Johns, a colleague, who discusses the course and the audience requirement:



  •         Can I use a webcam/digital camera/other device to record my video?


This depends on the quality and portability of the webcam or other device.  The recording you make must have adequate lighting and sound quality.  External light sources such as lamps, overhead lights are a necessity.  In addition, external microphones provide sound quality superior to the built-in microphones on most camcorders and other video recording equipment.   For your presentations, you must be standing and showing a view of yourself from AT LEAST the waist up.  You may not edit your videos in any way.  This includes starting and stopping the camera and adding any titles or other text. 


  •  Is a textbook required?

YES!  The textbook we are using is:


Required Text:   Beebe, S., and Beebe, S (2105).  Public Speaking:  An Audience Centered Approach (9th Edition).   Custom Edition for HCC.  Pearson Education.  This comes three-hole punched, shrink-wrapped, with a code to access Pearson's online website and the e-book.  Approx. $77.00 before tax. ISBN-13: 09781269871761  


Beebe Mycommunicationlab with e-book Standalone Access Code
ISBN: 0205955126  Approximate cost - $65.00

Beebe Mycommunicationlab with NO ebook,  Standalone Access Code
ISBN: 0205955096.  Approx. cost $40.00

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THE BOOK's ACCESS CODE TO THE PEARSON WEBSITE.  The site has helpful sample outlines and videos as well as practice quizzes.  However, all of your required class content including quizzes is found within our Blackboard classroom Website.  

It is acceptable to buy a used older edition and then purchase the online code if you want access to the online material. 


There are a few more options that I will discuss in an email and an announcement once you are enrolled..