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SPC 1608—Public Speaking Online


Instructor:                            Shelly K. Stein, Ph.D


Phone:                                   813.253.7650   


Email:                                   sstein2@hccfl.edu    Please identify section number in your email unless you are emailing through the online classroom.                                                                                                                


Office Information:          My office is in the YFAC or Faculty Building -- next to the YBOR or Classroom Building in YFAC 209; 

 I am available to meet during posted office hours (posted online by the first week) and at other times and places by appointment.  For this online class,  I will post times when I will be parked in front of my computer at your service.  These are good times to reach me or to email a number where I can reach you. 


Classroom Chat Room:  We have a “classroom awareness” feature in the online classroom where we can tell

who is online at the same time. I generally work online during office hours Monday - Thursday.   If you

see I am online in our classroom and you have a question, feel free to initiate the “chat” feature.   Don’t be

surprised if you get a Chat Invitation from me just to say “hi”. 


Required Text:    Stephen Lucas.  The Art of Public Speaking (11th  Edition,  2012).  McGraw Hill Publishers. 


ISBN #:  LearnSmart Code only (free 3 week trial): 9780077767044, $35 - Only use this code from inside of the Blackboard classroom!


ISBN for the book/ebook and Learnsmart code:   9780077920586


It is acceptable to buy a used older edition and then purchase the Learnsmart code if you don't complete your quizzes past the third week. 


Reading assignments in the textbook are critical to your success in class and are covered in related online quizzes.  You have the option of purchasing a regular textbook or an electronic book for this class. 


HCC has an Online Bookstore where you can purchase the textbook:  http://distancelearningbookstore.hccfl.edu/SiteText.aspx?id=4874

Otherwise, contact the campus for bookstore hours.    Another option is to purchase the book used on a discounted online site.

To purchase the book new online, you can go to CourseSmart. 


Still waiting for Financial Aid?  You will have free access to the e-book and course modules through our online classroom for FREE for 3 weeks.  There are multiple copies of the textbook in the “Reserve” section of the HCC YBOR library.  This means that you can show a current student ID or library card to use the textbook for several hours in the library but you may not check the book out of the library.  


Course Description and Prerequisite:

  • Focuses on the basic methods of speech presentation and critical listening.  Also, there is a strong focus on research and developing critical thinking skills.  Special attention to presentation and practice. Meets speech component of General Education Communication Requirements.  Course prerequisite:  College level reading and writing.
  • 3.0 Credit Hours


Course Objectives:


  • To recognize speech anxiety as a normal reaction to public speaking and to give practical instruction to control and reduce apprehension
  • To understand basic principles of giving speeches
  • To understand basic components of a demonstrative, informative, and a persuasive speech and to practice leadership in groups
  • To practice effective listening and critical thinking skills
  • To utilize visual aids and electronic media effectively
  • To utilize recording equipment to record and upload speech files for class viewing
  • To practice research methods and develop organizational skills
  • To utilize an outline and note cards for delivery in an extemporaneous style
  • To gain confidence, self-esteem and have fun



Participation Policy: Participation in a performance-based class such as SPCH 1608 is vital.  Each week has a discussion, exercise, and or assignment due that is worth a significant portion of your grade.  To receive points for these activities, be active in your participation.  If you are late for a discussion, or fail to respond in a meaningful way to your peers, you may fail to receive full credit for the discussion.  Likewise, if you miss an activity, you will fail to earn these points.  You may not “Make-up” discussions or turn in late homework or other group-based activities. 

Academic Dishonesty Policy: Academic dishonesty on exams is using texts, notes, or other outside resource, such as phone-a-friend or conversation, when taking any exam, either in-class or online. Academic dishonesty occurs when a student inappropriately collaborates with others on work to be presented as the work of that individual student, such as the writing of essays, the preparation of other assignments, or in taking quizzes or exams.  Academic dishonesty is being aware of and failing to report knowledge of any student(s) being academically dishonest in her or his work is also considered a personal act of academic dishonesty.

  • Any other conduct aimed at making false representation with respect to a student’s academic performance is also considered academic dishonesty.
  • You may not deliver a “canned” speech in class.  In addition, you may not read a manuscript or a full-sentence outline speech in class.  If you do, you will receive an “F’ for the assignment and for the course if there is evidence of plagiarism. 

·          The exceptions are when such collaboration is inherent to the assignment, as in group activities, or when encouraged, as for example when students work together in study groups in preparation for exams or when helping each other in the practice of presentations.

Plagiarism is clearly an act of academic dishonesty. Plagiarism occurs when a student submits work previously submitted or used in another course, without the prior approval of the instructor.  Plagiarism occurs when a student submits work prepared or performed by someone other than the student whose name is on the work; this is plagiarism, as described below.  According to Diana Hacker’s The Bedford Handbook, plagiarism is defined as “a serious academic offense” and  “(1) failing to cite quotations and borrowed ideas, (2) failing to enclose borrowed language in quotation marks, and (3) failing to put summaries and paraphrases in your own words.” 

The course textbook describes ways to appropriately document original source materials in oral presentations to avoid committing plagiarism.   A writing style manual such as The Bedford Handbook, or an MLA or APA style sheet, prescribes ways to document original source materials in written presentations to avoid committing plagiarism.


Please read the Student Handbook section:  Academic Dishonest Policy.  This applies to this classroom and in short, a grade of “F” may be issued for plagiarism or any other form of academic dishonesty.  


Class Maintenance and Expectations:

·          Students are expected to attend the first class and begin working on their assignments immediately.  You are expected to spend 3 hours working online in class per week and additional hours off-line completing assignments.  You are expected to log in at least 2-3 times each week to check on announcements and the discussion board.

  • For your success in this class, you must also login to the online component of the course no later than the 2nd week of the term.  Computer problems are not an excuse for not visiting the course site. 
  • Except for a posted holiday, there are readings, discussions, and quizzes due every week.  For many weeks, there is a homework, activity or major assignment due.   Complete directions for assignments are described in instructor videos and are posted in our online classroom.  All written assignments including outlines must be submitted as a typed document.     

·          All students must complete the Public Speaking assignments to be eligible to pass the course.  The score earned on each speech does not have to be a C or above but the assignment MUST be completed. 

·          Please note that all speeches are to be delivered online via YouTube.   I will not accept late speeches, speeches delivered in class or via CD, email or any other means.  .  

·           You will receive written criticism from your teacher AND your classmates.  You will also provide written criticism to your classmates.  You will hear differing opinions in this class.  Respect the diversity.

·           Laptops are not to be used for speaking notes.    

·          Appropriate use of the Discussion and the e-mail Tools online is important.  Assigned discussion messages and those that concern the entire class should be posted on the Discussion Tool.  Private messages and questions to the instructor are to should be sent on the course e-mail.  You may also use my campus (sstein2@hccfl.edu) e-mail address if you cannot access the online classroom.  Assignments are not to be sent to the instructor as attachments to e-mail, unless you are directed to do so.

  • Students need to keep all of their returned assignments until the course ends. Students may keep track of their grade on our online classroom website via Student Desk, MyGrades.


Instructional Methods: Methods of instruction in this course include but are not limited to, lecture, participation, electronic communication, electronic research, group work, essay and outline writing, guest speakers, online field trips, video analysis, text book and otherwise required readings if chosen by instructor.

Online communication:

·          Our classroom communication will take place online in our classroom website.  

·          I generally check the online classroom and my email messages once a day from Monday to Friday.   I consider my work-week to run from Monday to Friday.  I generally check my email messages once a day on weekends but this is the exception and not the rule.   

·          I generally respond to emails within 24 hours.  If you do not have a specific request requiring a reply (such as a direct question) I may not reply at all.  If I am diagnosing a technical issue, it may take longer.

·          I generally return graded assignments within one week.  If you turn in an assignment late, it may take up to 2 weeks to receive feedback. 

·          Check the course E-mail, Announcements and Discussion Messages at the beginning and end of each week, at the Communications Tools icon on Blackboard.

·          Once the semester begins, it is important that you use our classroom email system unless you are not able to log on for some reason.  If you email me at the sstein2@hccfl.edu address, you need to include your course section number in the subject line of the message.  

·          I have strict policies regarding late assignments to be fair to those who work hard to turn things in on time.  An email message is appreciated but does not comprise an automatic excuse.

·          If you notice that a link is not working in the online classroom, or if something seems amiss in the classroom, please drop me a quick email so I can repair the problem as soon as possible. 

·          To access the online classroom, please go to: https://hccfl.blackboard.com/webapps/login/.  To log into MyHCC please follow the instructions located there. 

·          Help with MyHCC:  For 24/7 assistance, click on this link http://hcclive.hccfl.edu/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=8283   or dial toll-free (877) 736-2575. Here you can determine if you have the necessary technical requirements for accessing our SPC 1608 class Online from your home computer.  Browser check is extremely important.    You may need a new version of Java and updates throughout the semester.  The #1 problem students have with the system is that they failed to adequately disable their security’s “pop-up” blockers”.  You may always use a campus computer to access our online classroom.