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Is Library Instruction Helpful to Student Research Results? 


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Students Use More Books after Library Instruction:  an Analysis of Undergraduate Paper Citations

("In fall 2008, students from first-year Composition I and upper-level classes at Florida Gulf Coast University participated in a citation analysis study. The citation pages of their research papers revealed that the students used more books, more types of sources, and more overall sources when a librarian provided instruction. When these results were compared to those produced by students in upper-level classes (all of whom received instruction), it was discovered that, as the class level increased, the number of citations and the percentage of scholarly citations generally increased and there was a high preference for books from all disciplines, especially history.")

What Students Don't Know by Steve Kolowich, Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/22/11.

"The majority of students--of all levels--exhibited significant difficulties [in research] that ranged across nearly every aspect of the search process....They tended to overuse Google and misuse scholarly databases.  They preferred simple database searches to other methods...but generally exhibited a lack of understanding of search logic that often foiled their attempts to find good sources."

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