Hawks, Line, & Sinker Morganti Fishing Tournament
In late September, 98 determined anglers landed 357 inches of prize winning fish to raise over $28,000 for HCC student
scholarships. The Morganti Group, Inc. hosted the inaugural In-Shore Slam, catch-an-release fishing tournament,
which included a captain’s dinner, silent auction, raffle, and contests held at the West Shore Yacht Club.
Seeing the community come together to support an institution that has such a profound impact on our community is
very fulfilling,” said Jim Inman, planning committee chair and The Morganti Group, Inc. Project Executive. “Our thanks
to the President, the Board of Trustees, Foundation directors, participants, guides and sponsors for a fantastic fishing
tournament! Special thanks to the Foundation staff and those visionary people who paved the way for the tournament
to be the success it was.”
The HCC Foundation hosted the annual Pirate Invasion Reception in January to
thank major donors for their support of HCC. Nearly one hundred donors, community
supporters, friends, alumni, and guests joined HCC leadership and Foundation board
members to celebrate Gasparilla and view the festive pirate flotilla invasion of
Tampa Bay from the eighth floor of HCC’s administrative office building.
Thanks to sponsors:
Anston-Greenlees, Inc.; Atlantic Interior Services, Inc.; Batson-Cook Company; BCI Integrated Solutions; Biltmore
Construction Company, Inc.; Carroll Air Systems, Inc.; Computer Support Products, Inc.; Cox Fire Protection, Inc.; Crossroads Construction
Co.; Cutler Associates, Inc.; Envision Lighting Systems, LLC.; F & S Frame and Trim, Inc.; Hayward Baker Inc.; Horus Construction; J.R. Long
Mechanical, Inc.; RIPA & Associates; Southern Equipment Corporation; Spectra Contract Flooring; Tampa Bay Trane; The Morganti Group, Inc.
HCC Foundation Annual Report 2011-2012
Thank you to our Donors”
For more information about participating in this year’s events, please contact us:
Columbia Drive, Tampa, Fla. 33606 | (813) 253-7114
HCC Presidents Circle
This year we initiated the HCC President’s Circle to recognize
sponsors of events and scholarship gifts.
Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union Foundation
Cutler Associates
Tampa Bay Rays
AVI-SPL, BrightHouse Networks
Skanska USA Building
Tampa Bay Trane
I know that in the long run
the sacrifices made for having
a career will provide my kids
a better and more stable life
and will also inspire them
to attend college when they
grow up. I want to say thank
you for your kindness, this
scholarship is a tremendous
help to me and my family.”
Jim Inman, Chair of the 2011 Hawk, Line & Sinker Fishing
Tournament, surrounded by committee members
Left to right: Rick Lentz, Steve Cona, Captain,
Dr. Carlos Soto and Dr. Robert Chunn
undation An ual Report 2011-201