Dr. Philip Benjamin Matching Program for Community Colleges
Since 2008, the HCC Foundation has earned $6.4 million in matching funds from the State of Florida under this long
standing program. However, the Florida Legislature has temporarily suspended this match program for donations
received after June 29, 2011 until the backlog of match obligation is reduced. Optimistically, state college leadership
officials anticipate that aim may be met in the next few years.
program support
Scholarship gifts from HCC donors help to make educational dreams come true. Last academic year, $1.4 million
was awarded to 1,400 students through the HCC Foundation. Thanks to many generous donors, the HCC Foundation
continues to increase scholarship support to deserving students. Scholarships are awarded to students based on
various criteria—financial need, enrollment in a specific program or to those who meet other criteria agreed upon
with the donor. Also, gifts given to the General Scholarship fund are utilized for students with the greatest need.
Endowment or permanent funds, established with a gift or gifts totaling at least
$10,000, are invested, and earnings are generated in perpetuity for a cause of
interest to the donor. Last year, $189,000 was added to our endowment, bringing
the HCC Foundation endowment market value to $3.3 million, which will provide
earnings to benefit programs, scholarships and mini-grants focused on improving
learning outcomes for students. Increasing our endowment fund is a priority to
provide a consistent source for funding scholarships and college projects.
College Support
Throughout the year, donors work with the HCC Foundation to fund specific programs, campuses and college
projects. During the past year, the Foundation was able to provide support to HCC for college needs and priorities
that totaled over $1 million (exclusive of student housing). These funds enabled HCC to acquire equipment, support
faculty and staff professional development activities, provide faculty and staff mini-grants, enhance academic
programs, promote program awareness, and sustain athletic and arts programming.
Grant Support
Grant support to the HCC Foundation totaled $479,000. Some grants have been recurring for several years,
including a $1.4 million grant from the Helios Foundation, which supports the Mathematics Access Performance
Scholarship (MAPS) program, to provide incentive awards to students who successfully complete developmental
math classes. The MAPS research study, in conjunction with MDRC, encourages students to take advantage of
tutoring and other support from the Campus Success Centers.
First Generation Matching Grant Program
The HCC Foundation received nearly $93,000 of matching monies from the
State of Florida through the First Generation Matching Grant Program. A total
of $185,000 was awarded to 247 students with financial need and neither
of whose parents have earned a college degree. This program is particularly
beneficial to HCC as more than one-quarter of our students qualify for these
awards. The First Generation Matching Program is funded for the upcoming
year, and HCC will receive a one-to-one match for gifts directed to this fund by
December 2012.
Without scholarship patrons
like you, students like me
would be unable to pursue the
careers of their dreams.”
HCC Foundation Annual Report 2011-2012
Thank you to our Donors”