Hillsborough Community College is committed to providing a safe learning and work environment for its students and employees.  Public Safety personnel are present at all campuses and provide support to all college locations. Each campus public safety office maintains a lost-and-found locker.  The department also provides on-call escort service for students, faculty, and staff.

Campus Escort and Reports of Suspicious Activity                    813.253.7911

Emergencies (from college phone)                                           9.911



“Don’t Become a Victim”


Most of us have had something stolen before. Whether something expensive or inexpensive it gives us a sick feeling inside and makes us angry. That overwhelming feeling of vulnerability and the question of, why did someone do this, haunts us.  Often times we look back at the situation and say to ourselves, “If I would have only done this or that” but, now it’s too late and our property is gone, our lives are disrupted and we’re left with that sick feeling.


What can we do to prevent this from happening? The type of criminal that we should all be aware of is the “Opportunist Criminal”. The name alone describes what this criminal is looking for, an opportunity.  An opportunity to take our property and benefit from it without getting caught.  This criminal is easy to defeat by just doing something very simple, taking the opportunity away.  Simple things like locking the doors to your car and not leaving property out in plain view takes the opportunity away. Something as simple as loose change in your center console could entice an opportunist criminal to break into your car.   Listed below are some tips that could lessen your chances here at school of becoming a victim of the Opportunist Criminal.  

  •  Lock your vehicles
  •  Don’t leave property, like GPS’s, computers, Ipods, purses, etc., in your vehicle out in the open.
  •  Don’t leave book bags, purses, or other property unattended. It only takes a second to lose it.
  •  Don’t carry cash or credit cards you’re not going to need that day.
  •  Be aware of your surroundings. If something doesn’t look or feel right it probably isn’t. Trust your instincts. 

Don’t be the one that said “If I would have only done this or that.”  Protect your property and sanity by not creating an opportunity for the Opportunist Criminal.


Roy G. Paz, Officer

Tampa Police Department

Special Operations Bureau

Special Incident Management Unit


DPD Uniforms Group 2


HCC - Public Safety — 813.253.7911