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PB&J Fuel For Their Day

 PB&J HCC Team

The HCC athletes were losing a lot of weigh and energy after practices and games.

To supply the required extra energy the coach started to supply PB&J sandwiches to the team members, but stopped the program due to the expenses ($).

Coach Worrels reports that due to the PB& J donations we had the highest GPA for men’s basketball in the 15 years that I have coached, with two young men completing 30 hours earning all A’s and joining the honor society!”

DAC (District Advisory Council) decided to start a college wide “perpetual” campaign to collect peanut butter, Jelly, and grocery gift cards for bread last January 24 of 2014.

The first donations were made by the DAC members and Borrell Electric.

On March 19th the first college-wide delivery was made to Coach Worrels.  Donations included $500 from Dale Mabry SGA and HCC Nutrition and Dietetics Club, $100 from SouthShore, $20 from Ybor, and around 100 jars of PB&J.  HCC’s Hawk TV was present at the event.  The link is below.

It’s the generosity of HCC employees, and the appreciation of Coach Worrels and his athletes that inspire the DAC to continue this campaign. Thank you for your help!  

Make your PB&J or gift card contribution today. You can make a big difference for our athletes!  These words keep us working on this campaign and had touch the heart of many HCC employees who had contributed with generosity, Thank you HCC for your help!

Your donation can make a big difference in our athletes!

 Hawk TV video

Future donations can be delivered as follows:

  • District offices - Ivan Mesa - Collaboration Studio 209
  • District offices - Kathi Stubbs – GWSC 617
  • Brandon - Beth Smith - BACA 212B  (we also have a box in the mail room)
  • Dale Mabry – Loriana De Paz – DSTU 208
  • Plant City - Tim McArter – PSTU 100
  • SouthShore - Peggy Gleason - Room 222E
  • Ybor - Melissa Gonzalez-Lam - YADM 211


     PB&J Delivery 03192014