Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson District Administration Center

DAC Projects 

At DAC (District Advisory Council) we are constantly looking for new projects to improve the academic and working environment. So many times we receive great ideas from HCC employees or students through emails or our suggestion boxes.  Below are some of the projects that became reality.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Fuel for their day

HCC athletes consume a lot of energy during the practice and competition and they need to replenish the used energy. DAC would like to support our athletes charring a college wide campaign to collect gift cards for bread, peanut butter, and jelly. The leader of the project, Brenda Rouse, will make sure the Head coach get the donations to provide sandwiches to them.

Donations can be delivered as follows:

  • District offices - Ivan Mesa - Collaboration Studio 209
  • District offices - Brenda Rouse – GWSC 718
  • Brandon - Beth Smith - BACA 212B  (we also have a box in the mail room)
  • Dale Mabry – Loriana De Paz – DSTU 208
  • Plant City - Tim McArter – PSTU 100
  • SouthShore - Peggy Gleason - Room 222E
  • Ybor - Melissa Gonzalez-Lam - YADM 211


Food Trucks for District Offices

After knocking doors and searching for better/healthier food alternatives, Dana Livesay, the leader of the project ended with the food trucks option. The constant change of food kind will be great for the HCC students and employees at the Davis Island and collaboration Studio buildings.


The food trucks were at the district offices on the following days from February through October 2014.  

Davis Island Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Collaboration Studio schedule: Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Currently, the food trucks are on hiatus.  Check back to see when they will return.

Find the schedule at:  http://www.tampabayfoodtruckrally.com/lunch-schedules


Other Accomplishments

  • 2014 Service Awards Presentation 
  • 2013 Service Awards Presentation
  • 2012 Service and Excellence Awards Presentation
  • Buildings signs updates
  • Break room renovation
  • Suggestion box: GWSC 4th floor and Collaboration Studio 2nd floor
  • Recycling of aluminum and plastics
  • TOPS Award  
  • Safety Survey
  • New brick walkway