Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson District Administration Center

TOPS Award

      The TOPS (Truly Outstanding Performance and Service) Award was developed by the Davis Islands Advisory Council as a means of recognizing employees who demonstrate and provide on-going exemplary service to others.  Any HCC employee who meets this criteria is eligible for this award and selections are made from nominations submitted to the Advisory Council. 

      TOPS Award Recipients (Other nominees below)

Rachel Pulliam

Rachel Pulliam
May 2015

KBaker TOPS 2014.jpg

Kim Baker 
December 2014 

Tammy Searle

Tammy Searle
June 2014



Helen Dobbins

Helen Dobbins 
July 2013

 Antony Thundyil

Anthony Thundyil 
March 2013


Zach Dawson 
December 2009

Cathy Bilka 

 Catherine Bilka
August 2009 

Josette  Bulnes 

Josette Bulnes
July 2009

 Tia Vickers

Tia Vickers 
December 2008
Barbara Devries 
Barbara Devries
May 2008


Raquel Trapp

 Raquel Trapp
February 2008



Bernie Nazer
August 2007

Kathy Jacobs

Kathy Jacobs
June 2007

Congratulations RACHEL! The TOPS "Truly Outstanding Performance & Service" Award recognizes those at the District Offices (and District’s satellite offices located on various campuses across the College) who make the extra effort to do a good job and who work well with other HCC employees.  

Rachel has always been a hard worker and someone that we can depend on.  She is always willing to help any one that needs help and stay late if she is needed or come in early.  She loves helping students and takes her job to heart.”  

Congratulations also to the other nominees: 

  • Corey Murphy
  • Jim Wiggers
  • Marlene Davids
  • Marc Costanzo
  • Kathryn Mammenga

Here are comments included on their nomination forms: 

"Corey Murphy is always willing to lend a kind hand.  I know she has a very important job, although she isn’t mean spirited.  She’s always friendly and helpful.  She is a problem solver and is extremely smart.  I am so grateful for her assistance for helping me with my P-Card issues.  She’s a great mom as well.  Corey is the kind of person that makes HCC the best place to work."

"In association with the Facilities Planning & Construction staff, Mr. Wiggers is instrumental in developing, tracking, monitoring, and overseeing all Capital and non-capital work within the HCC multiple campuses.  His ability to estimate, evaluate, administer and control the very limited dollars allotted to our College for these critical investments for HCC, has significantly enhanced the lives and experience for all Students, Faculty and Staff associated with the College."

"Marlene has demonstrated leadership qualities of a good leader.  She has a clear vision of what she wants to accomplish.  She is very dedicated to her vision and go above and beyond to execute that vision.  She is open to new ideas and creates an atmosphere of openness and respect.  She has demonstrated effective teamwork by working in harmonize toward a common goal with her teammate.  Marlene has gotten her job done much quickly and efficiently by working with team member for a common goal."  

"Marc Costanzo, Server Systems Manager, always gives outstanding and quick service to resolve issues."

"Kathryn has done outstanding work within the office, has a passion for and commitment to students, and has a desire to help others at HCC as well as those in the community.  She’s always willing to help in the finance department wherever she is needed whether in accounts receivable or running reports or serving as a backup in other areas.  Kathryn is constantly seeking to improve leadership skills through programs like “Excel”.  She is also a member of the AFC and the District Advisory Council.  Within finance, Kathryn has managed projects that involved HCC students and developed detailed reports showing the progress.  This had never been done before.  She consistently looks for better and more efficient ways to accomplish tasks and shares the results e.g. the development of new reports and procedures.  Within the community, Kathryn devotes her time to adult literacy and making blankets for children who are hospitalized.  She gets others engaged in these projects making the College and the community a better place.  What a difference she makes in the department, within the College, and outside in the community.  She will do anything to help anyone anywhere.  And, through her actions she will motivate you to want to make a difference."