Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson District Administration Center

TOPS Award

      The TOPS (Truly Outstanding Performance and Service) Award was developed by the Davis Islands Advisory Council as a means of recognizing employees who demonstrate and provide on-going exemplary service to others.  Any HCC employee who meets this criteria is eligible for this award and selections are made from nominations submitted to the Advisory Council. 

      TOPS Award recipients

Kathy Jacobs
Raquel Trapp
Barbara Devries
Tia Vickers

 Kathy Jacobs
June 2007

 Bernie Nazer
August 2007

 Raquel Trapp
February 2008

 Barbara Devries
May 2008

 Tia Vickers     December 2008



Josette  Bulnes

Cathy Bilka


Antony Thundyil

Helen Dobbins

Josette Bulnes      July 2009

Catherine Bilka August 2009

 Zach Dawson  December 2009

  Antony Thundyil March 2013

 Helen Dobbins    July 2013


 Some of the comments on the nomination forms:

"When you think of payroll Helen always comes to mind. She is always friendly and helps all who call her. If she doesn’t know the answer she goes out of her way to find it and calls back. Her knowledge of payroll laws and web time entry is amazing and she shares it with all who ask. She treats everyone the same from administrators to part time student workers.  A lot of payrolls are difficult to process but no one knows because Helen never complains or grumbles"

"Helen is one of the most customer service people I know. She will always help you with any situation. Her sense of humor is the best and she brings this to her work every day. No matter how hard she is working she always has time to help and laugh with you. She is accurate and efficient and is counted on to do miracles weekly.  I call on her frequently for assistance and she has been there for me."

"Dru is one of those people who tries to make your day better. You can count on her to provide information that is needed in a quick and timely fashion. She teaches staff how to use the system and is always anxious to help others be able to do for themselves to raise their self esteem. She has been at HCC since she was a student and truly believes in HCC and the community college mission. She has great work ethic. She also loves to laugh and have a good time. She has given a great deal of herself in the 30+ years she has been at HCC."

"Donna Johnson is diplomatic, forward thinking, an excellent problem solver, and enhances the mission and purpose of our department. She enables the facilitation of many projects we complete and also interfaces with different people and departments at a professional level. Donna goes beyond her stated job duties--she enhances our departmental goals. It is a pleasure to have her as a contributing member of our team!"

"Lorinda is one of the most knowledgeable, resourceful and helpful employees at HCC.  She is such an inspiration to many, including myself. The way she takes on challenges as a positive learning experience is a characteristic that we all would benefit from. When a complex problem arises, she has a rare and enviable ability to find a simple solution. It is delightful to see how her eyes light up when working on new projects and ideas. Her enthusiasm and teamwork makes my job a lot more enjoyable."

"In Brenda's brief time with the college as the Foundation's Annual Fund Manager, she has organized many fundraising events (fishing tournament, golf tournament, President's Showcase, Foundation Scholarship Breakfast), one right after the other, raising many valuable dollars for student scholarships. She works tirelessly, without complaint and is a joy to have as a colleague. Not only does Brenda give her best to HCC, she is very involved in other community service organizations such as Zonta and the Unsinkable Krewe of Molly Brown, making connections and raising educational funds for the Tampa Bay community."

"Helen excels at what she does and is an excellent example to others. Her knowledge base coupled with her cheerfulness and patience create an inviting and informative atmosphere for all who inquire. She has been my "go to" person for questions since joining the Payroll department in Nov. 2011. Helen is dependable, reliable and gives 110% to HCC. Helen played a key role in the implementation of Web Time Entry and is always looking for ways to improve payroll processes."

"Through hard-work and dedication Jacentha Buggs successfully met the college mission by responding to a "specialized" talent Shortage at several local hospitals. Simply put, Jacentha and her team, in a short time-frame, designed and developed a collaborative program that placed and trained HCC’s Nursing graduates to fill "specialized" positions w/i local hospitals. Her commitment to HCC students and the community serves as a model for others. HCC/ICCE takes great pride in her contributions."

"I would like to nominate Kathy Stokes for the TOPS award because she certainly goes over and above to accommodate our printing needs at the District Office. Whenever I have asked Kathy to print something for me and I need it ASAP she never hesitates to complete my request and always with a smile. Kathy’s attitude is outstanding and she always has a positive outlook on not only her job but life as well. I think Kathy is long overdue for the TOPS award and I know many others feel the same way."

"Ms. Williams devoted several months diligently working to make the smoking cessation and weight loss programs a success. Two components in the struggle to keep our health coverage cost contained, she has ensured the success of both plans. Due to her hours poured into initiating and sustaining both programs, employees that have wanted to discontinue smoking or lose weight have had an opportunity to do so with professional guidance. We have had hundreds of dollars being saved already this year by one former smoker and numerous pounds having been shed by some of the employees participating in Weight Watchers."

"displays a great deal of cooperation and enthusiasm to provide support to HCC community. Steve goes above and beyond in his efforts and is well deserving of this award. A few of the activities he supports are: Webinar creation and support to Finance and other staff. Video production and setup for HCC’s All College Day. Creation and design of Student Services video."

"Sheree Shay is the Business Assistant for the Facilities Planning ¯ and Construction Department here at HCC. She is the glue that holds this department together. Her job requires her to wear and master many hats. This includes assisting in managing and checking GL accounts and ledgers, budgets, purchase orders, contracts, construction projects, scheduling and coordinating meeting after meeting and much more. She does all of this while fielding phoned in questions and requests from our construction managers in the field, contractors and design teams. Mrs. Shay does all these things professionally and always pleasantly. She is a valuable asset to HCC."

"Mr. Mike Ermeling, is very a very hard worker, smart and very fair to all of us."

"Lorinda is very dedicated and takes the initiative to learn as much as she can about her department and the needs of "customers" of the department. Anyone who recognizes Lorinda’s car realizes that it is one of the first in the parking lot in the morning and one of the last still in the lot at the end of the day. Having worked with Lorinda in the past, I know that she takes great care to do quality work and to find ways to improve effectiveness and efficiencies. She also is a willing "teacher", gladly sharing the knowledge she has with others. Lorinda is also just a wonderful person, personally!"

"Shonda is a fine employee, she treats everyone with respect and kindness. She comes to work and tries to do a great job in every task she works on. She even goes above and beyond what is called for in her Job description. HCC employees don’t get any better than Shonda."

"Internal to the College-Bonnie helps to develop and mentor her current employees, previous employees and other members of the College community. Why? She takes pride in their development and success. Bonnie is truly making a difference in the lives of people she comes in contact with at HCC. Ultimately, this reflects on the College. Externally-She is Vice Chair of the Plant City Planning Board and a Board Member of the Plant City Boys and Girls Club. She has put together a great team in the Finance area and utilizes her knowledge and experience to provide direction and guidance to her peers and others with the best interests of the individual and the College foremost. Lastly, she is genuinely interested in helping others to be the best they can be and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Because of her efforts, Bonnie Carr deserves the TOP award."

"Lekiva is a quiet gem. For those of us who have had the opportunity to see how she interacts with our retirees and those who are preparing for this next journey in there lives, is truly amazing. She provides quality knowledge of the process, but that is just a minor part of how she delivers this to employees. Her patience, guidance and overall attention to their needs and the thoroughness she provides makes her a great "TOPS" candidate."

"Tracey handles all the college contracts which involves a large number of agreements that have to be developed and processed through the college departments. This requires that she work with just about every department in the college daily. She is always friendly and helpful to others even when they get frustrated. She always makes time to help others learn the process or get something moving if a contract or payment gets held up in another area, even when busy. Her patience and calm demeanor are a great asset."

"Donna has proved herself invaluable to our mixed department. The IT side has different needs than the FPD side for example. Donna Johnson handles all her activities with diplomacy and tact and professionalism. She is discreet, a wonderful listener, supportive, and offers pertinent advice when needed. More importantly, she is willing to learn and navigate the assorted software, programs, and technology we feature. Quite simply, she blends in well with our assorted personalities and demands, but in a supportive, professional way that enhances our mission and goals. I appreciate her dedication to details, ability to listen, then’ anticipate, and professionalism when communicating."

"Over the past year, Dana has taken on the "Faculty Refresh" duties. This is a project in which one has to coordinate the ordering, purchasing, delivery(from the warehouse, as well as, to the campuses), configuration and setup of over 800 computers college-wide. This duty was previously handled by a handful of employees, and yet she has been doing it almost single-handedly, Along with this, she juggles her regular job duties, and yet always seems to be the "go to" person when her co-workers have questions. She is a great asset to our office."

"Mary Beth reviews all transactions in the College’s bank accounts on a daily basis to ensure they are proper and works endlessly to research all deposits so each one can be posted to the proper department’s account, Mary Beth has received personal thank you’s from Dr. Sylvia Carley for ensuing the payments for Black Brown and College Bound are properly handled. She also works with any department Wishing to send a wire for payment. This can be somewhat challenging when it is an international wire, but Mary Beth does it all with a smile. She is always ready with an answer to anyone’s questions concerning banking activities and can always go through her many logs to find the exact piece of information anyone wants. Mary Beth is Truly an Outstanding Performed"

"Antony provides personalized, detailed, and accurate service to his colleagues, subordinates, and campus’s, despite his current situation. He takes his responsibilities seriously and is articulate in his work. When asked to take additional responsibility, work longer hours, or to contact individuals who are not happy with the evaluation office, he does it with vigor. I nominate Antony because he looks at improving every day, loves HCC with a passion, and wears the smile and attitude that makes us all better for working with him; He is respected and admired by all of his colleagues because Antony chooses to take the higher road when things get difficult."

"I believe that Donna Miller deserves this reward for her outstanding work in Human Resources as the Interim Director of Human Resources and for all the extra she has given during the time that the HR Director was on medical leave before she was the Interim Director. Donna never failed to give that extra that .was needed to keep everything going -- and with aplomb. Donna put in many many extra hours doing her job and the other work that had to be done. In spite of the extras that Donna was doing (and doing well), she still found time to bring in a homemade dessert for a co-worker to honor them. I believe that Donna is one of HCC’s "unsung heroes" for the many many contributions that she has given to the college and to HR. She has never failed to recognize others for their accomplishments and to praise them for their works, and I believe that she needs to be recognized for all that she has contributed to the college and to HR. When something is needed, Donna !s always there and it is done and done well. She shows excellent judgment and uses a big dose of "common sense" along with it, all the while juggling multiple tasks and accomplishing them all. In short, I feel that Donna is and always has been, an unsung HCC treasure and she greatly deserves this award." 

Congratulations to the other nominees for the fiscal year 2012-2013:

  • Jacentha Buggs
  • Kathy Stokes
  • Maridru Clark
  • Brenda Rouse
  • Lorinda Stroup
  • Donna Johnson
  • Ronkel Williams
  • Steve Barry
  • Sheree Shay
  • Mike Ermeling
  • Linda Stroup
  • Shonda Hayes
  • Bonnie Carr
  • Lekiva Judge
  • Tracey Delk
  • Donna Johnson
  • Dana Livesay
  • Mary Beth Comas
  • Donna Miller