Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson District Administration Center

TOPS Award

      The TOPS (Truly Outstanding Performance and Service) Award was developed by the Davis Islands Advisory Council as a means of recognizing employees who demonstrate and provide on-going exemplary service to others.  Any HCC employee who meets this criteria is eligible for this award and selections are made from nominations submitted to the Advisory Council. 

      TOPS Award Recipients

Kathy Jacobs
Raquel Trapp
Barbara Devries
Tia Vickers
Kathy Jacobs 
June 2007

 Bernie Nazer
August 2007

 Raquel Trapp
February 2008

 Barbara Devries
May 2008

Tia Vickers 
December 2008


Josette  Bulnes
Josette Bulnes 
July 2009


Cathy Bilka
Catherine Bilka 
August 2009


Zach Dawson 
December 2009


Antony Thundyil 

 Antony Thundyil 
March 2013
Helen Dobbins
 Helen Dobbins 
July 2013
Tammy Searle
Tammy Searle 
June 2014












Tammy stands out as an exceptional team member for OIT/CITT. She is extremely professional in her work and continually goes above and beyond her duties to assist others. Tammy works directly with faculty and students to help them troubleshoot issues with their Blackboard courses. Her calm demeanor and patience are assets when helping people who are very frustrated with technology. Tammy is extremely dedicated and continually demonstrates a strong work ethic. She puts in extra time to meet the needs of our faculty and students. Her commitment to students, passion for education, and attention to detail makes a significant difference in her work.”  

Congratulations also to the other nominees for the fiscal year 2013-2014: 

  • Tracy Elle
  • Madeline Reyes
  • Cesar Rivera
  • Jennifer Williams 

Here are a few comments included on their nomination forms: 

Mrs. Elle is an outstanding Senior Staff Assistant for the department and goes out of her way every day to assist the staff and officers in the department. There is never a moment when she is too busy to take the time to answer a question or offer her years of experience in the department to solve a problem. I believe she exemplifies the type of employee that every member of the College should strive to be.” 

Ms. Reyes has shown an exemplary example of a team player. She shows great passions for the College and is extremely organized. Furthermore, she provides such outstanding customer service to all students she encounters and wins their trust that any issue that may arise will be resolved.” 

Cesar is always willing to help and extend extra effort to ensure a job is completed in the best way possible. Besides responding quickly to requests, he thinks a job through, keeping the best interest of complete safety in mind, even if it involves extra work for him. He is always ready to explain what’s needed and make sure all are satisfied with his work.” 

Jennifer Williams understands the challenges of implementing the changes that are taking place at HCC and goes about doing so by realizing and addressing the concerns from all the campuses. She is also a great supervisor to work for, as she recognizes the life situation of each employee. That in turn brings out the best from each employee in order to not let her down.”