Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson District Administration Center

TOPS Award

      The TOPS (Truly Outstanding Performance and Service) Award was developed by the Davis Islands Advisory Council as a means of recognizing employees who demonstrate and provide on-going exemplary service to others.  Any HCC employee who meets this criteria is eligible for this award and selections are made from nominations submitted to the Advisory Council. 

      TOPS Award Recipients

Kathy Jacobs
Raquel Trapp
Barbara Devries
Tia Vickers
Kathy Jacobs 
June 2007

 Bernie Nazer
August 2007

 Raquel Trapp
February 2008

 Barbara Devries
May 2008

Tia Vickers 
December 2008


Josette  Bulnes
Josette Bulnes 
July 2009


Cathy Bilka
Catherine Bilka 
August 2009


Zach Dawson 
December 2009


Antony Thundyil 

 Antony Thundyil 
March 2013
Helen Dobbins
 Helen Dobbins 
July 2013
Tammy Searle
Tammy Searle 
June 2014
KBaker TOPS 2014.jpg
Kim Baker 
December 2014










Congratulations KIM, you were selected from 6 nominees! The TOPS "Truly Outstanding Performance & Service" Award recognizes those at the District Offices (and District’s satellite offices located on various campuses across the College) who make the extra effort to do a good job and who work well with other HCC employees.  

“Though Kim works very hard at her job as Facilities Planner, her ongoing dedication to helping others is the reason she deserves the TOPS Award.  Kim is always active in many of the College’s initiatives, most recently the 2014 Heart Walk.  Kim worked hard to bring her donations to over $900.  Additionally, she helped HCC raise over $10,000 in donations and exceed our College goal. With all of the many fundraisers she is involved with, or whenever there is a need for help, Kim is right there to do whatever is necessary.  No questions asked.  Plus, she always volunteers to pick up and deliver the goods to where they need to go.  She truly deserves this year’s TOPS Award.”  

Congratulations also to the other nominees for the fiscal year 2014-2015: 

  • Tracy Elle
  • Bonnie Carr
  • Lina Parker
  • Rachel Pulliam
  • Mike Ermeling 

Here are a few comments included on their nomination forms: 

Tracy is always willing to help and most of the time she is helping you before you have even asked. Not only is she is respectful to everyone, but also a pleasure to work with. People call her from all over the college because they know she will be willing to assist them and that she is very knowledgeable.” 

Bonnie always strives to find a way to make things happen but if “no” has to be the answer, she communicates the reasons why with the greatest tact and understanding possible. She is well respected across the District and we will be saddened to see her retire in 2015, and she will be very hard to replace.” 

Lina takes on responsibility to ensure that the best customer service is always provided to our students and the HCC community. She can make an angry person change their attitude without them even realizing it and she’s always will to help others accomplish their tasks and deadlines. Lina also contributes time outside of the college for charitable causes.” 

Rachel is a hard worker and is always willing to help anyone.” 

Mike has a wealth of knowledge and is always there for anyone who has a question. He is a great role model, supervisor, colleague and staff member.”