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Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions

What are the due dates for applying for Foundation scholarships?

The Foundation has 2 awarding cycles:
• in the spring, with a due date of March 15 or later for scholarships beginning the following fall;
• in the fall, with a due date in mid October for scholarships beginning the following spring.

Watch for announcements on Campus Cruiser or on our website for specific deadlines.

How do I use my scholarship?

You will see your scholarship applied directly to your HCC student account via financial aid with the award code: HCC Foundation.  If you have other Financial Aid, you will see the scholarship listed with the other sources. 

What happens to my application if not selected?

Applications will be held and considered for new scholarships which may arise.  You should update your application with each cycle.  Check with your campus scholarship coordinator.

Can my scholarship be paid to me?

Scholarship funds will be applied to your HCC student account and pay toward your financial obligation.  As long as you are registered for classes, excess funds may be released to you according to the college's refund policies.  An exception may arise if you receive Title IV Financial Aid funds and the Financial Aid department determines that your total awards exceed the maximum allowed.  Please contact Financial Aid or HCC Live if you need further information.

Can my scholarship transfer to another college/university?

No. The HCC Foudation's mission is to support HCC and its students only.  HCC Foundation scholarships are not transferable to another institution.

What if I have other sources to pay my tuition and/or books?

Some students have Florida Bright Futures, or a Pell Grant.  Both of these sources of funding may be released to the student if not needed due to a scholarship.  Therefore, the scholarship will pay first.  Check the Financial Aid webpage or HCC Live for refund policies, timing or for questions on refundability of other financial aid or institutional scholarships.

What happens to my scholarship if I don’t use it within one year?

Most scholarships are valid for one academic year and the dates will be detailed on your scholarship agreement.  If you foresee not being able to use the full amount within the time period, you MUST contact the Foundation office by the deadline indicated on your agreement to make other arrangements or the scholarship will be void. 

What should I write in my thank you letter if awarded a Foundation scholarship?

Click here for thank you letter suggestions.