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Scholarship Application Process

Application Process

Students applying for HCC Foundation scholarships must have an HCC student ID.  We have two major awarding cycles that have specific deadlines that must be met in order to be considered.  One deadline is in the spring for scholarships for the upcoming academic year; the second deadline is in the fall for scholarships for the upcoming spring term.  Watch Hawknet 365 for announcements about our deadlines.  Applications received after these deadlines can be considered for scholarships that may become available.  Applications must be updated each cycle.

Steps for Submitting an Application:

REMEMBER:  Only ONE application is necessary to be considered for multiple scholarship opportunities.
Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please type or print neatly.  Deadlines are strictly enforced.

  1. Students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year.  Visit the financial aid website at /ssem/financialaid.aspx and contact the financial aid office at your campus for assistance. 
  2.  Complete the HCC Foundation Scholarship Application, including:
    • Current HCC transcript (unofficial is acceptable; print it from Hawknet).  If you are using a GPA from another institution or high school, you must supply certified transcripts. Note that most scholarships require students to be making satisfactory academic progress as defined by HCC.
    • Your essay/personal statement (limit 1 page) should address your personal and educational goals, why you are applying for a scholarship and any additional information that would be helpful to the selection committee, such as your personal or family background or community activities. This essay/statement is very important! Be sure to address how you meet certain criteria that may not be answered by information on the application itself.
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation are suggested, but are not mandatory unless required for a specific scholarship for which you wish to be considered.  A letter of recommendation could be the difference between being selected or not.  If you choose to include letters of recommendation, one should be from a teacher/professor and one from an adult who knows you well (not a relative).  Keep copies for your records and for future application submissions.
    • Departmental sign-off on the bottom of the application, ONLY if required for the scholarship for which you wish to be considered  -- this is absolutely necessary, if required (refer to the Currently Available Scholarships document).  
    • On the final page of the application, mark the scholarships for which you qualify.  Mark only those scholarships for which you meet the criteria.  Be sure to attach a sheet indicating how you meet specific scholarship criteria that may not be evident from information on the application.

    3.  Turn in your completed paper application and attachments to the counselor contact at your preferred campus by the deadline.  Do not email applications.

    4.  Make a copy of your full application for your records.

    5.  If you have questions about scholarships, criteria or the application process, contact the counselor contact at your campus.