Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson District Administration Center


DHMO Humana customer service: (800) 979-4760, http://www.humanadental.com/.

DHMO Agreement and Certificate of Benefits  

PPO Humana customer service: (800) 233-4013, http://www.humanadental.com/.

PPO Certificate of Insurance

In accordance with IRS tax laws, benefits provided to domestic partners can not be provided on a tax free or pre-tax basis.


                                                                         2014 Medical Benefits Cover 


DHMO - you and each of your covered dependents must select a dentist who participates in  the Humana Dental Prepaid/DHMO Network.  This primary care dentist will take care of your dental needs.  If the dental services received are not covered by the plan, the dentist will bill you for the charges.   Also, the plan will not cover services, except emergency care, from a dentist who does not participate in the network.  

To find an HMO dentist, click here http://www.humanadental.com/, choose “Find a Dentist” from the top of the page, then be sure to select “HD/DHMO Prepaid CS150” as the network. 

PPO - you and your covered dependents may go to any dentist chosen.  For maximum benefits at the lowest cost you should use a network dentist.  If the dentist is not in the network you still receive benefits but will pay higher out-of-pocket costs for the dental services.

To find a PPO dentist, click here  http://www.humanadental.com/ choose select “Find a Dentist” from the top of the page, then be sure to select “PPO/Traditional Preferred" as the network.


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