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LegalShield & Identity Theft Shield

LegalShield covers Employee, Spouse (or domestic partner), Children up to 21 Living at Home, 23 going to college full-time or any age for mentally or physically challenged child living at home. Identity Theft Shield covers Employee and Spouse (or domestic partner) and provides restoration for children up to 18.

LegalShield provides an easy way to protect you and your family from everyday life events, no matter how traumatic or trivial the situation. Rather than pay an attorney hundreds of dollars an hour, many of the situations you face are covered by your LegalShield Membership. The Identity Theft Shield provides serious protection from one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Your Identity Theft Shield provides help in EVERY form of Identity Theft, and will be there to help you before, during and after the crime occurs.

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Your premiums are paid through payroll deductions. You may not drop the coverage for the entire coverage period.

For more information and TO ENROLL, click here: https://www.legalshield.com/info/hillsboroughcc

LegalShield Representative: Don Thompson 239-549-4746 donthompson@legalshield.com