Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson District Administration Center


Wellness/HumanaVitality Program (If Enrolled in the HCC Medical Plans):
Earn HumanaVitality Program Points towards Gold or Platinum Status
Every time you complete a verified activity or achieve a wellness goal, you earn Vitality Points.
Earning Vitality Points helps you work toward a higher Vitality Status.  Earned Vitality Points also earn you an equivalent amount of Vitality Bucks.You may reward yourself in the Humana Vitality Mall by spending your Vitality Bucks.  These rewards include gift cards, movie tickets, fitness devices and more.  The higher your Vitality Status, the greater your discount is in the Mall.

You Must Take Action
Participants must complete their Health Assessment every program year in order to spend their Vitality Bucks in the HumanaVitality Mall.  While the Health Assessment can be taken at any time, if it is completed within the first 90 days of the plan year, participants will receive 250 additional Vitality Points.

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 How to Earn Vitality Points

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