Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson District Administration Center

Job Descriptions D - E
Data Processing Lab Supervisor

 N0803, Gr: H

Database Manager

  E0642, Gr: F 

Dean of Academic Affairs

 A0513, Gr: 5

Dean of AA Degree Programs

 A0510, Gr: 5

Dean of AS Degree Programs

 A0511, Gr: 5

Dean of Health Sciences

 A0508, Gr: 5

Dean of Student Services

 A0507, Gr: 5

Dental Assistant Program Coordinator

 E0738, Gr: G

Dental Clinic Coordinator

 E0750, Gr: G

Development Manager

 E0655, Gr: F

Director of Administrative Systems

 A0608, Gr: 6

Director of Associate in Arts Programs

 A0506, Gr: 5

Director of Community & Govt Relations

 A0611, Gr: 6 

Director of Continuing Education and Corporate Training

 A0615, Gr: 6 

Director of Development

 A0713, Gr: 7

Director of Equity & Multicultural Programs

 A0610, Gr: 6

Director of Facilities Plng & Constr

 A0602, Gr: 6

Director of Faculty Professional Development

 A0711, Gr: 7

Director of Financial Aid

 A0518, Gr: 5

Director of Financial Services

 A0706, Gr: 7

Director of Honors Institute      A0715, Gr: 7
Director of Instructional Technology

A0617, Gr: 7

Director of Institutional Research

 A0603, Gr: 6

Director of International Education

 A0704, Gr: 7

Director of Information Mgt & Reporting

 A0703, Gr: 7

Director of Ntwrkng & Telecomm

 A0607, Gr: 6

Director of Nursing

 A0612, Gr: 6

Director of PSAV (Postsecondary Adult Vocational) Programs

 A0614, Gr: 6

Director of Purchasing

 A0701, Gr: 7

Director of Risk & Emergency Mgt and Campus Svcs

 A0613, Gr: 6 

Director of Technical Programs

 A0502, Gr: 5

Disability Resource Officer

 E0581, Gr: E

Distance Learning Manager

 E0622, Gr: F

Distance Learning Coordinator

 E0747, Gr: G

Duplicating Clerk

 N1202, Gr: L

Duplicating Specialist

 N1114, Gr: K

Employee/Labor Relations Ofcr

 E0504, Gr: E

Employment Manager

 E0620, Gr: F

Enrollment and Stdnt Succ Ofcr

 E0559, Gr: E

Enrollment Dev Coord

 E0734, Gr: G

Equity Program Manager

 E0617, Gr: F

Evening/Weekend Campus Coord

 E0721, Gr: G

Executive Assistant

 E0727, Gr: G

Exec Dir, FL-ATE

 A0606, Gr: 6

Exec Dir, Mktng & Public Relations

 A0501, Gr: 5

Exec Dir, Human Resources

 A0404, Gr: 4 

Executive Staff Assistant

 N0908, Gr: I

Exec Dir, Foundation

 A0505, Gr: 5

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