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 Marketing & Public Relations Department 

HCC Branding Guide

Flipping Book version




To obtain an electronic file of HCC branding graphics

  •      Staff: Please go to My Computer\shared on 'ybfs2' (S:)\Marketing & PR\HCC Branding Graphics.
  •      Visitors: Please contact Jenny Hendriksen Daniels, jhendriksen@hccfl.edu, to request files.

Leaving the graphics intact

The HCC branding graphics should be used as provided. They should not be modified with any computer effects (stretched, extended, condensed), redrawn, or modified in any way.


These files available for download are for desktop or electronic use only.

HCC Letterhead 

HCC Memo

Email Signature Samples

This branding information is a work in progress. Look for occasional updates.


The HCC wordmark and monogram must be shown all in one color:  dark blue, black, or white.

The HCC seal may be shown in the dark blue and gold. If one color is used, it must be all dark blue, all black, or all white.

HCC Color Identification:

  DARK BLUE            GOLD
  PANTONE 2757    PANTONE 117

Blue 100%
Magenta 82%
Yellow 0%
Black 30%


Blue 0%
Magenta 18%
Yellow 100%
Black 15%


6r + 53g + 122b

222r + 180g + 8b