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Do-It-Yourself Photo Tutorial

In the event that you choose to take photographs on our own for your department’s needs, here is a list of recommendations for taking the best possible pictures. Although today’s digital cameras provide immediate feedback, they do not guarantee consistent, usable results.

To take portraits of people, seek out an outdoor location in evenly lit shade and do not use flash. If the camera has a telephoto or zoom setting, use this to isolate the subject’s face or upper body against the background, ideally a space that is neutral. A tripod is always useful to minimize blurry images due to camera shake. All portrait photos should be taken with a minimum of 1/60th second shutter speed for this reason.

When taking group shots, it is often easiest to create more than one row of people with the tallest individuals in the center of the shot. Feel free to utilize chairs to add additional rows. When cropping the image in the viewfinder, either shoot the entire group or make your cut at the waistline. Never frame the photo so that it crops the group at the ankle or below the knee. If it is possible, use a high vantage point to shoot down on a group looking up at the camera.

Classrooms and lab environments are often lit by light sources of varying temperatures. It is recommended that you use the Auto White Balance feature on the camera to try and compensate for the variations in lighting. Remember to shoot tight shots as well as wide shots and don’t be afraid to take a lot of pictures to ensure good results.

Whenever you are creating images, keep in mind that Hillsborough Community College is an institution of higher learning and as such, it strives to promote the diversity and uniqueness of its campus community.