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As part of our mission to service the faculty and staff of HCC, IMR has created several introductory training demos that cover the basics of using the Colleague system.  There are some interactive tutorials followed by many printable .pdf file versions with all the actions documented and screenshots of fields used in the system. 

These interactive tutorials are fun to watch and work with, and will help you become more familiar with how Colleague works.  More will be posted here as they are created.  Check the IMR website often for upgraded and new training materials.

The areas below are organized into groups of users or special service areas of HCC.

Interactive Tutorials

Intro to Datatel (Tutorial I)
Beyond Intro to Datatel (Tutorial II)

Introductory and Overview

A general overview of using the UI- Colleague User Interface, including screenshots and explanations.

Using the UI

The link below will open in a new window and consists of all the Quick Tips that we've created for people who just want the facts or the steps of a process. They may each be printed individually from your browser's print function.

Quick Answers to Quick Questions (Q Tips)


This section is designed for faculty or faculty program managers. 

New Faculty Browse Screens (Faculty Intro)
Faculty Office Hours and Teaching Schedules (FAOH - XSFD)
Faculty Workload Report (FWKL)
Posting Grades in WebAdvisor/HawkNet (Grading)
Class Roster (RSTR)
Confirming Attendance in WebAdvisor

Academic Support

This section is for the program areas staff, including Deans and their assistants.

Course Section Availability Report (CSAR)
The Basics of Faculty Credentialing
Student Locator (LOCR)
Faculty Screen (FCTY)
Faculty Office Hours and Teaching Schedules (FAOH - XSFD)
Faculty Workload Report (FWKL)
Section Prerequisite Roster (SPRT)
Faculty Credential Reporting (XFCR)
Emailing Information to Students in a Saved List (XML2)

Advising and Counseling

These instructional documents are intended for those in advisory roles.

Advising in Colleague/Datatel
Student Profile (SPRO)
Emergency Contacts (EMER)
Section Meeting Inquiry (SMIN)
Requisite Mismatch (RQMM)

Query Builder

Using Query Builder in Colleague to generate reports.

Query Building

Admissions, Records & Registration (A/R/R)

Name & Address Entry (NAE)
Test Summary (TSUM)

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