District Administrative Offices

Elizabeth (Liza) Steinhardt Stewart, Ph.D.
               IRB Chair & Director, Institutional Research

Gary E. Brannan, Ed.D.
               Biology Instructor

Jacentha L. Buggs, M.D.
               Continuing & Community Education Officer

Paul D. Nagy, Ph.D.
               Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning & Analysis

Kenneth Ray, Jr., Ed.D.
               Vice President, Student Services and Enrollment Management

Julie A. Redcay, B.A.
               Grants Manager

Terry Varvil, M.S.
               Math Instructor

Alisa M. Zujovic, M.S.
               Academic Assessment Officer

External member:
Diane L. McKinstry, Ph.D.
               Psychologist, University of South Florida St. Petersburg


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