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 2013 - 2014 Aretè Officers and Board Members

























  President - Taya Green        



  Vice President - Matt Perez      










 Secretary - Eryk Harp


 Treasurer - Delisa Harry


2013 - 2014 Aretè Officers


 Matt, Delisa, Taya and Eryk


















   July 23, 2013

Board Meeting - July 23, 2013 


 Committee Chairs & Members

 Social Committee: James Streeter Chair  
  Alyssa Seepersad Co-Chair  
 Campus Liaison: Jacob Hill Dale Mabry Campus  
  To be determined Brandon Campus  
  Abdul Hasbini Ybor Campus  
  Andrew Erickson Plant City  
 Fundraising Committee: Jennifer Foster Chair  
 Community Service Committee: Jenniffer Viracacha Chair  
  Estefanny Reyes Co-Chair  
 Public Relations Committee: Ronisha Brooks Chair  
  Devany Green Co-Chair  
 Marketing Committee: Jason Barker Chair  
  Briana Stewart Co-Chair  
 SGA Representative: Gilsun Won  Dale Mabry Campus Chair  
  Rochelle Abrahante  Dale Mabry Campus Co-Chair  
Code of Conduct Committee Josh Klay Chair