Entrepreneurship and Innovation College Credit Certificate

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate is a one-semester, 12-credit hour program designed for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. Upon completion of this certificate, the student can pursue various paths. 

Program Information

This certificate can be completed in a single  semester. Students will develop the entrepreneurial mindset, and then apply their knowledge to fieldwork and learn by doing.  Business ideas will be developed and then tested through  experiential learning. Consequently, students  will have an opportunity to test the viability of a business concept before writing a business plan.

Coursework Includes:

• Introduction to Entrepreneurship
• Small Business Accounting and Finance
• Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales
• Small Business Management

Contact Andy Gold or Beth Kerly for more information.

Registration for Fall 2014

Registration for Fall 2014 opens on April 14 for Veterans and April 15 for currently enrolled students. This program has LIMITED SEATS for the Fall semester, so it is important that you register early to secure your spot.

The four courses that you need to enroll in include:

ENT 1031 (section 62539 ) Professor Kerly - Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales -
M–W 9:30-12:15pm  (first 8 weeks 8-21-14 through 10-20-14)

ENT 1000 (section 60084)  Professor Gold - Introduction to Entrepreneurship -
M-W 12:30-3:15pm (first 8 weeks 8-21-14 through 10-20-14)

SBM 2000 (section 62537) Professor Kerly - Small Business Management -
M–W 9:30-12:15pm (second 8 weeks 10-22-14 through 12-11-14)

ENT 1411 (section 62538) Professor Gold - Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting -  
M-W 12:30-3:15pm (second 8 weeks 10-22-14 through 12-11-14)

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