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Cluster 14 (Librarians)

Members '15-16:

Adonis Amparo
Tollie Banker (Chair)
Jeremy Bullian

Jacquelyn Cress
Karen Dufraine (Secretary)
Alicia Ellison (Sabbatical Fall '15)
Wendy Foley (retired 10/15)
Ilene Frank
Vic Harke

Kristin Heathcock 

HCC Libraries Vision/Mission Statements     
HCC Libraries Information Literacy Policy/Plan    
HCC Libraries Program Review    
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Library Cluster Meeting Schedule

All meetings 1:30pm @ the YB C-Studio
Ask a Librarian Schedule - FA 2015


Meeting Minutes 
2015-2016  9-23-15, 8-13-15
2014-2015  8-19-14, 9-19-14, 11-21-14, 1-16-15, 2-27-15, 3-27-15
2013-2014  4-11-14, 3-28-141-24-14, 12-3-13, 10-25-13, 9-27-13, 8-15-13


 Archived minutes 

 Ask-a-librarian  Members: Tollie (Chair), Adonis, Alicia, Jeremy, Karen, Kristin 
 Canvas  Members: Kristin (Chair), Adonis, Jeremy, Karen, Tollie,


 Members: Jeremy (Chair), Alicia (Vice-Chair), Jacquelyn, Karen, Tollie

 Information Literacy  Statement, Website, Members: Jacquelyn (Chair); Jeremy

 Operations Manuals

 Members: Tollie (Chair), Adonis, Kristin, Vic, (and Andrea - DLTS)