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Cluster 14--Archive 

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Cluster Members:

13-15: Adonis Amparo ('14-15), Tollie Banker (Secretary), Jeremy Bullian (sabbatical '14-15), Jacquelyn Cress, Alicia Ellison (Vice Chair)
Wendy Foley (Chair), Ilene Frank (FT Temp '14-15), Vic Harke, Kristin Heathcock, Jeneice Sorrentino (Retired 2014)

11-13: Jeremy Bullian (Chair), Jeneice Sorrentino (Vice chair), Vic Harke, Alicia Ellison, Kristin Heathcock, Vic Harke, Wendy Foley(Secretary), Jacquelyn Cress     

10-11: Jacquelyn Cress (Chair), Jeneice Sorrentino (Vice chair), Vic Harke (Secretary), Alicia Ellison, Kristin Heathcock, Vic Harke, Wendy Foley, Jeremy Bullian    

09-10: Jacquelyn Cress (Chair), Jeneice Sorrentino (Vice chair), Jeremy Bullian (Secretary), Alicia Ellison, Kristin Heathcock, Vic Harke, Wendy Foley
08-09: Kristin Heathcock (Chair), Jeneice Sorrentino (Vice chair), Alicia Ellison (Secretary), Vic Harke, Wendy Foley, Jeremy Bullian, Jacquelyn Cress
07-08: Vic Harke (Chair), Jeneice Sorrentino (Vice chair), Kristin Heathcock (Secretary), Alicia Ellison, Wendy Foley
Jeremy Bullian, Jacquelyn Cress 
06-07: Wendy Foley (Chair) Vic Harke (Vice chair) Kristin Heathcock (Secretary), Alicia Ellison, Jeneice Sorrentino, Jeremy Bullian, Jacquelyn Cress 
05-06: Jeremy Bullian (Chair), Wendy Foley (Vice chair), Dan Hood (Secretary), Alicia Ellison, Jeneice Sorrentino, Vic Harke, Jacquelyn Cress 
04-05: Alicia Ellison (Chair), Wendy Foley (Vice chair), Carlene Reeves (Secretary), Jeremy Bullian, Jeneice Sorrentino, Vic Harke, Jacquelyn Cress 
03-04: Jacquelyn Cress (Chair), Alicia Ellison (Vice chair), Carlene Reeves (Secretary), Jeremy Bullian, Jeneice Sorrentino, Vic Harke
Wendy Foley  
02-03: Tammy Schofield (Chair), Jacquelyn Cress (Vice chair), Wendy Foley (Secretary), Jeremy Bullian, Jeneice Sorrentino,
Vic Harke, Alicia Ellison 
01-02: Jeneice Sorrentino (Chair), Tammy Schofield (Vice chair), Wendy Foley (Secretary), Vic Harke, Jacquelyn Cress,
Terri Singer, Jeremy Bullian, Alicia Ellison

Minutes Archive
 2008-2009  4-17-09, 2-20-09, 1-05-09, 12-05-08, 10-24-08, 9-26-08, 8-29-08
 2007-2008  4-10-08, 2-15-08, 11-16-07, 9-21-07, 8-20-07
 2006-2007  4-27-07, 3-9-07, 1-4-07, 12-01-06, 11-03-06, 8-21-06


 4-28-06, 3-31-06, 2-24-06, 1-5-06, 12-9-05, 11-4-05, 9-16-05, 8-22-05


 4-08-05, 2-11-05, 1-06-05, 11-12-04, 10-15-04, 9-17-04, 8-23-04


 4-23-04, 2-27-04, 1-8-04, 10-31-03, 9-26-03, 8-21-03


 4-21-03, 3-21-03, 1-17-03, 1-6-03, 12-06-02, 10-25-02, 9-20-02, 8-20-02


 4-26-02, 3-8-02, 1-3-02, 12-7-01, 10-12-01, 8-20-01


eResources Committee:
08-present (Jeremy; Alicia; Jacquelyn, Kristin)

Information Literacy Committee:
05-present (Jacquelyn, Chair; Wendy, Alicia)
04-05 (Jacquelyn, Chair; Wendy, Carlene; Alicia)
03-04 (Jacquelyn, Chair; Wendy, Carlene; Alicia)
02-03 (Jacquelyn, Chair; Wendy, Tammy; Alicia)
01-02 (Jacquelyn Cress, Chair; Wendy Foley, Tammy Schofield and Alicia Ellison)

Electronic Database Committee: 08-09 see eRresources
06-08 (Jeremy, Chair; Alicia; Kristin; Jacquelyn)
03-06 (Jeremy, Chair; Alicia; Carlene; Jacquelyn)
02-03 (Alicia, Chair; Jeremy, vice-chair; Tammy; Jacquelyn)
01-02 (Tammy Schofield, Chair; Alicia Ellison; Jeremy Bullian and Jacquelyn Cress)

WebPages Committee:
08-09 see eRresources
02-08 (Jeremy; Alicia)
01-02 (Jeremy Bullian; Terri Singer; Alicia Ellison)

Internet Use Policy Committee:
03-05 (Wendy, Chair; Carlene; Jacquelyn; Vic; Jeneice; Alicia)
02-03 (Wendy, Chair; Tammy; Jacquelyn; Vic; Jeneice; Alicia)
01-02 (Wendy Foley, Chair; Tammy Schofield; Jacquelyn Cress; Vic Harke; Jeneice Sorrentino; Alicia Ellison)

Collection Assessment Committee: Completed
03-04 (Jeneice Sorrentino) 

Mission Statement Committee: Completed
03-04 (Wendy, Alicia, Carlene) 

Disabilities Policy Committee: Completed
02-03 (Jeremy Bullian and Jacquelyn Cress)