Refunds for eligible students are automatically processed if there is a credit balance resulting from a financial aid disbursement that exceeds college expenses such as tuition, fees, and books or credits resulting from having dropped a course(s) by the drop/add deadline. 

The refunds are processed weekly and are forwarded to Higher One or refunded directly to the debit/credit card you originally used to pay your tuition and fees (Online via Web Advisor only) or by HCC check. 

Refunds and financial aid disbursements that are processed by Higher One are done so according to your refund preference as indicated at  HCC’s One Card site.  Options include:

• direct deposit to an existing account that you have with a financial institution
• the use of an HCC One card account
• Higher One paper check. 

You may change your refund preference at any time via the Higher One website.  Higher One will deliver refunds once they have received the refund file from HCC.  Once the file has been received, an email will be sent to the address on file with Higher One and a refund will be released according to your preference.

If you are not eligible for an HCC One Card Account (e.g. no social security number on record, bad address, age restriction, etc.) or have opted out from choosing an HCC One Card, an HCC check can be issued.  If you choose to have a check issued by HCC as opposed to Higher One,  please call 813-253-7300 extension 5166 or visit any campus cashier office.  If you elect to receive an HCC check, it will be mailed to the address on file with the college.

It is your responsibility to update your address and phone number on file with HCC as with Higher One.  Changes to your address and/or your phone number can be made in person at any campus admissions office or through Hawknet/Webadvisor.  

It’s important that you check your account regularly.  If you have financial aid and see “pending aid” on your account, that means financial aid is pending but has not been credited to your account.  “Pending Aid” is not eligible to be refunded until it has been credited to your account.

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