Tuition Installment Plan (TIPS)

TIPS is an installment payment plan option to pay for your tuition. The earlier you sign up for TIPS, the more options you have. Enrollment is offered for a limited amount of time prior to each semester.

Please note:

  • TIPS is administered by a third-party vendor, Nelnet Business Solutions. Your payment plan contract is with Nelnet Business Solutions to pay your HCC bill.
  • If TIPS attempts to collect the monthly amount and the transaction does not go through (ex. due to insufficient funds in your bank account or a change in your credit card expiration date), your contract will be terminated and you will immediately owe the full amount due to HCC.
  • It is your responsibility to verify in a timely manner that the monthly amount has successfully been paid from your bank account. If the amount is not taken from your bank account or credit card, contact TIPS immediately.
  • You can use your Higher One Card to pay TIPS.
  • If you receive financial aid after signing up for TIPS, please contact HCC, via HCCLive or a cashier window, before canceling your contract. Even though financial aid may be awarded, financial aid is not automatically applied to your HCC account. You will need to continue to pay TIPS according to your contract.
  • Contact TIPS if you add or drop a class after you enter into a contract.

Nelnet Business Solutions
Formerly FACTS Management Co.
(800) 609-8056