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BCN 1001
Introduction to Building Construction
3.00 Credits

This course is designed to give the student an overview of the construction industry and its various methods, materials, participants, safety, codes, equipment, documents, agencies and laws.  Both residential and commercial construction will be addressed.  The roles that engineers, architects and contractors play in a project’s design and construction are also introduced.

BCT 1081
Introduction to Materials and Methods
3.00 Credits

This course is designed to familiarize the student with all types of materials used throughout the construction process, how different materials can work together and how building systems are put together with regard to the materials selected.

BCT 1120
Leveling Instruments, Site Preparation and Layout
3.00 Credits

Topics include the importance of accurate work in laying out buildings with the use of different leveling instruments and the many aspects of site preparation and layout of buildings and houses.

BCT 1040
Introductory Blueprint Reading
3.00 Credits

Introduction to the language of lines, use of instruments, reading and interpreting working drawings, details, symbols, and conventions used in architectural drawing.  Terminology, use and shape of drafting tools, alphabet of lines and their importance, ability to interpret floor plans, lay out materials from specification information is included.  Apply and maintain drafting and graphic materials and equipment.

BCT 1770
Building Construction Estimating, Scheduling and Cost Control
3.00 Credits

This course introduces the student to techniques used to estimate the cost of structures, schedule labor and materials and to analyze actual and estimated costs of construction to facilitate efficient management and administration.  Prerequisite: BCT 1040, MFG 1106

BCT 2761
Structural Systems in Construction
3.00 Credits

This course will familiarize students with structural terminology, practices, methods, code requirements, safety and health criteria in construction.  Prerequisite: PHY 1025, PHY 1025L,

BCN 2942
Construction Internship
3.00 Credits

Student works a minimum of 140 hours during one term in a pre-
approved industrial job; also attends a weekly seminar.

BCT 1720
Construction Methods
3.00 Credits

The construction methods course is an introduction to systems,
methods, equipment, and construction practices available and
commonly used to perform the major elements of a light construction
project. A typical project is followed from contract to occupancy in
classroom discussion and field trips. Numerous
field trips to current construction sites are taken during the term.
Emphasis is placed on sequence of activities and scheduling the
project. Scheduling the construction project is an integral part of
this course. Students will complete a bar graph and Gant chart
using the critical method of scheduling.
Prerequisite: BCT 1770

BCT 1760
Building Codes and Safety Regulations
3.00 Credits

Emphasis is on the Florida Building Code and to understand
other applicable regulations in order to organize and manage a
construction project with regulations and regulatory agencies in
mind. Contract documents are created to reflect these regulations.
Prerequisite: BCN 1001.

BCT 2705
Construction Management
3.00 Credits

Construction management is an introduction to basic legal skills
and practices needed to manage a construction office. Emphasis
is on the business organization, Florida construction licensing
law, the general and special conditions of construction contracts
and subcontracts, the Florida mechanics lien law, workers compensation
and liability insurance coverage and state and federal
tax reporting requirements.
Prerequisite: ENC 1101.

BCT 2730
Construction Supervision
3.00 Credits

This course examines techniques of supervision and management
of human and other resources necessary to complete a
construction project. Construction industry organization and
management structure in relation to scheduling, material procurement,
and equipment management. Human resource topics
include labor and human relations, safety, morale, motivation.
Leadership, delegation of authority in management of skilled
and unskilled labor, technical, professional and administrative
personnel topics are also covered.
Prerequisite: BCT 2705.

BCT 2743
Construction Law
3.00 Credits

This course is intended to provide a general overview of the
legal issues and the applicable laws relating to the construction
industry in the State of Florida. Students will be introduced to
the basic legal concepts and their applications in order to succeed
in the construction business. Students will build knowledge
and interpretation skills through the identification and discussion
of basic legal issues, and will gain a clear understanding of
the function and purpose of these skills in the construction industry.
Prerequisites: BCT 2750, BCT 1760.

BCT 2750
Building Construction Contracts and Finance
3.00 Credits

A study of building construction, contracting and finance and
related contract requirements. Topics include construction loans,
permanent building mortgages, construction bids and contracts,
penalty and incentive provisions, progress payments and retention,
escalation provisions, cost extras, performance and bid
bonds, company profits, cash flow and business loans.
Prerequisite: BCT 1760.


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