Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am a transfer student from another college. Do I have to take the College Placement Test?

You will not need to take the College Placement Test if you are transferring in with completion of College Level Math and English courses. You will need to bring an unofficial copy of your transfer transcript(s) to an advisor for review. They will make the determination of whether testing is needed.

Do I have to submit transcripts from previous schools if I do not want the credits applied to my current degree?

Yes. Students are required to submit OFFICIAL transcripts from ALL institutions attended (including High School). Also, you cannot pick and choose which credits will transfer in. The transcript office will make that determination when they complete your official transcript review.

I submitted my official college transcripts, but my transfer courses are not showing up on my HCC account. Why?

Official transcripts are not evaluated until you have submitted all transcripts (including High School) and until you have completed one semester with us. If your transcripts have not been evaluated by the end of your second semester, please let an advisor know. Until they are evaluated, an advisor can help you determine what courses to take. Please bring an unofficial copy of the transcript with you when meeting with an advisor.

I am trying to register for classes online and the computer is stating that prerequisites have not been met. Why is this occurring?

This can occur for a couple different reasons. Check the Course Description in the HCC catalog to determine what the prerequisites are. If you have not completed the prerequisite(s) listed, then you will have to wait to take the course. If the course description states that you must be at college level with your Reading, Writing, or Math, then you cannot take the course until you have finished your prep sequence. If you are transfer student who has completed the prerequisite at another school, and your transcript has not been evaluated, then you will need to bring a copy of your unofficial transcript to an advisor for an override.

How do I know what electives I can take for my AA degree?

There are a variety of electives that can be taken for an AA degree. If you are going for a particular major (Business, Education, Engineering, etc.), then you will have some specific electives that are needed for that major. You can determine the specific electives for your major by looking in the HCC Catalog, looking at an Advising Guide, or meeting with an advisor. If you are going for an AA-Liberal Arts, then there are no specific electives that need to be taken. You can choose your electives from the Course Descriptions in the HCC Catalog. Be sure that you do not take any course in which the course description states "Credit for this course does NOT apply to the Associate in Arts degree." These courses will not transfer to a university. Also, if you have already fulfilled the General Education Categories of the AA degree, then any extra General Education courses you take will count as electives. All students getting an AA degree must have 24 credits of electives. Two mandatory electives are CGS 1000 - Intro to Computers (3 credits) and IDS 2110 (1 credit). All students earning an AA must complete these to graduate. If you are still not sure about your electives, it is always best to talk with an advisor to make sure you are on the right track.

Is there a limit to how many Physical Education courses I can take for my electives?

Yes. Students can only apply 4 credits of Physical Education courses towards an AA degree.

Is Foreign Language required to get your AA degree?

Foreign Language is not required to graduate from HCC. However, most universities require either 2 years of foreign language in high school or 2 semesters in college. Some require that you have it completed before transferring in, and others require that you complete it before graduating with your Bachelor's Degree. You should check with the university you plan to transfer to for their specific requirements. Foreign Language courses will count towards electives on your AA degree.

I am getting close to finishing my degree. When should I apply for graduation?

You should apply for graduation no later than the specified deadline date in your last semester. Check the HCC Calendar to determine the deadline date for each semester. Once we have received your Application for Degree, we will do a graduation check on your records and send you a Graduation Workup. The Graduation Workup will list everything you need to do to graduate by the end of that semester. If the requirements are not met, then we will automatically carry your application over to the following term. If requirements are still not met in the second term, then you will need to apply for graduation again. If you think you may be getting close to graduating, then it would be a good idea to meet with an advisor before submitting your application to make sure you are on the right track. Please visit the link for Graduation Checklist for more information.

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