Services for Students with Disabilities

For additional information on services and eligibility requirements, or to request services, contact Nicole Bargeron the HCC Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities at the Plant City Campus.  Nicole is available at the Plant City campus on Thurdays 8:00am-4:30pm in room PSTU113.  You can also ask for Tim McArter, Staff Assistant on days in which the Coordinator is not available. 

1206 North Park Road
Plant City, FL 33566-2799
Phone: (813)757-2209
Fax: (813)253-7903
TDD: (813)757-2166

HCC's Office of Services for Students with Disabilities provides a wide range of free services to meet the needs of students with disabilities. This office provides reasonable accommodations to students based on their documented disability(ies).

Services are available to students who SELF-IDENTIFY themselves as having a documented disability. Documentation of the disability is required prior to any services being offered.

Some examples of disabilities that are accommodated for include: vision impairment; hearing impairment; learning disability; ADHD; diabetes; sickle cell anemia; Asperger's Syndrome; CP; paralysis and psychological disorders.

Examples of accommodations include: books on tape; interpreters; note takers; extended test time; adaptive hardware and software and learning disability specialist services.

Please see the Disabilities Coordinator to discuss specifics regarding documentation requirements and accommodations.

1206 North Park Road, Plant City, FL 33563-1540