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2.7.2 Program Content

The institution offers degree programs that embody a coherent course of study that is compatible with its stated purpose and is based upon fields of study appropriate to higher education.

Judgment of Compliance


Narrative/Justification for Judgment of Compliance

Hillsborough Community College offers the Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), and Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree programs which include general education requirements that embody a coherent course of study that is compatible with the College’s stated purpose and is based upon fields of study appropriate to higher education.  The general education requirement for the AA degree program is met by a minimum of 36 semester hours.  The general education requirements for AS and AAS degree programs are met by a minimum of 15 semester hours (HCC Catalog, p.104).  General education courses provide students experiences that support the College’s mission of empowering students to excel in an innovative learning environment that fosters a culture so that the students value the individual and appreciate diversity.

Specifically, HCC's general education requirements provide the foundation upon which our students’ learning experiences are built.  The courses are coherent as they are designed and offered to be taken in sequence as the courses’ content increases in complexity.  Sample course sequences for the AA track are available for students in the Catalog.  To ensure accuracy in course selection, students are informed in the Catalog that they should refer to Student Advising Guides that are available in all counseling and advising offices (HCC Catalog).

The General Education requirements are developed, maintained, and reviewed, and are compatible with the College’s mission statement:  “Hillsborough Community College, a public comprehensive institution of higher education, empowers students to excel through its superior teaching and service in an innovative learning environment” (College Catalog, p.4; Student Handbook and Academic Planner, p.1 ).

The articulation agreement between Florida community colleges and state universities specifies that students who have been certified as having satisfactorily completed the general education requirements in a university transfer program are exempt from any additional general education requirements after transferring to a state university or community college (Florida Statute Chapter 1007.23 (2)).

The AS and AAS degree programs provide coherent courses of study leading to specific occupations.  AS and AAS programs of study follow State mandated curriculum frameworks of study.  The programs’ curricula provide students the necessary body of knowledge and skills associated with specific areas of study.  These programs are reviewed every five years to ensure the coherence and appropriateness of the curricula.  Advisory committees consisting of industry professionals and program faculty for each AS and AAS program meet at least twice a year to ensure the programs are up to date with regard to industry standards (Advisory Committee Handbook).

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