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Supporting Documents


Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act

Job Descriptions of Financial Staff

June 2005 Budget Workshop Document

Learning Resource Center Faculty Handbook

Leave of Absence Form

Level I Data Display, Summary Table

Level I report sample

Level II Report

Level III report sample

Librarian Evaluation Performance Review

Libraries and Learning Resource Centers (LRC)

Libraries Helpsheets and Tutorial website

Libraries website

Library Assignment: Inventions and Inventors

Library Borrowing Privileges Agreement

Library Cluster Reports

Library Faculty/Student Surveys

Library Program Review 2003

Library Review Report

Library Review Report

Library Satisfaction Survey

Library Strategic Plan

Library website

Limited-access Health Science programs

LINCC Web External Database Connections

List of advisory committees

List of Clubs and Organizations

List of occupational/technical programs

Listing of Health and Wellness Programs’ Accreditation Schedule

Listing of library faculty and staff with credentials



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