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SouthShore Campus
Getting Started at HCC—SouthShore Campus New Students

Step 1:  Apply online. You will receive your Welcome Letter within 7-10 days.

Step 2:  Apply for Financial Aid - Students interested in Financial Aid will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Please see the HCC calendar for application deadlines. If you are receiving a Bright Futures scholarship, you will need to visit the State of Florida’s Bright Futures website at http://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/SSFAD/bf/ to list HCC as the school you will attend. The school code for HCC is 292.

Step 3:  Turn in Transcripts - All students must turn in official High School or GED transcripts to HCC. You may hand deliver the official sealed transcript to the Student Services Building or mail them directly to HCC-Southshore Student Services, 551 24th Street NE Ruskin, FL 33570. Students who are admitted without transcripts must ensure that transcripts are received by HCC within 30 days after the term has started. If transcripts are not received, you will not be able to register for the following term.

Step 4:  Meet with an Advisor - If you have taken the ACT/SAT within the past two years, you will need to bring your test scores to the Student Services Department and meet with an advisor. The advisor will determine if any testing is needed. If you have not taken either of these tests, you will have to take the College Placement Test (CPT). Test scores must be submitted before attending the HCC New Student Orientation.

Step 5: Attend New Student Orientation - After completing the College Placement Test or submitting your ACT/SAT scores, you will be registered for the New Student Orientation. The orientation provides students with information regarding HCC policies, services available to students on campus, course selections and other general information that will be beneficial to your success at HCC. You will be able to register for classes during orientation.

Step 6:  Pay for Classes - Check the HCC calendar payment deadlines.  After the payment deadline, tuition must be paid on the day that you register for your course(es). HCC does offer Tuition Installment Plans (TIPS). The sooner you apply, the more payment options you have available. For more information, go to /ssem/tips.aspx. If you have received an award letter for Financial Aid, make sure that you have accepted your award.  If you have not received an award letter for Financial Aid before the tuition deadline, you will need to contact a Financial Aid Counselor or Manager to see if you qualify for a tuition deferment. A tuition deferment will allow you to keep your classes during the awarding process. However, you will be required to pay out-of-pocket for your books.  Please estimate about $100.00 per book. Recipients of Bright Futures, Florida Prepaid (please bring the ID card that was issued by the Department of Education), and other Scholarships must go to the Bursar’s office to charge tuition to their account.

Step 7:  Purchase Books - With a printout of your classes from Hawknet or New Student Orientation, you may order your books online at http://bookstore.hccfl.edu, by selecting your campus, and ‘textbooks.’ Books may also be purchased during the first week of the term at the SouthShore Campus and at the Brandon Bookstore after the first week of the term.

Step 8:  Attend Class(es) - Your success is dependent upon your attendance and participation, so please feel free to speak with an advisor or counselor about your course selections or anything else that may require assistance.

To help guarantee your success as a student, be prepared for classes by becoming familiar with campus before the term and having your course materials by the first day of class.

SouthShore Campus, 551 24th Street North East, Ruskin, FL 33570