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SouthShore Campus
Advising Guides

Advising Guides are helpful tools for students to keep track of what classes they should be taking for their degree. They map out the required courses needed to graduate. Students can update their advising guides themselves by checking off completed courses as they go. Your advising guide is based on your degree program and catalog year. If you change your degree program, then you should meet with an advisor to have a new guide sheet filled out. Your catalog year will remain the same as when you started at HCC as long as you do not have a lapse in enrollment of more than 3 semesters. If you do have a lapse, then you will start on the new catalog requirements when you come back to HCC.

When printing your Advising Guide online, make sure you are picking the correct program code and catalog year. There are different links for each type of guide sheet. Pick the catalog year and type of degree (AA, AS, CCC, etc.) first. Then, scroll through until you find your major. If you click BOOKMARKS on the left side of your Acrobat Reader, then you will see the listing of advising guides in alphabetical order.

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