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SouthShore Campus
Graduation Checklist
  • Submit an Application for Degree by the specified deadline date on the HCC Calendar at the beginning of your last semester. You should meet with an advisor to pick up the Application for Degree and to make sure you are on the right track towards graduation. Applications are good for 2 semesters. If you have not met the graduation requirements by that point, then you must re-apply for graduation. (Note: You can also apply for graduation online through Hawknet . The application will be sent electronically to your home campus).
  • Successfully complete all required courses for your program code (major) and catalog year (ex. AA-Liberal Arts 2006/2007 catalog requirements).
  • Make sure you do not have any holds on your account that would prevent you from graduating or getting your diploma.
  • Make sure all OFFICIAL transcripts are received by HCC including high school/GED and any colleges/universities attended. Missing transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions Office prior to graduation processing.
  • Make sure your Cumulative (overall) and Institutional (HCC) GPA's are a minimum of 2.0. If not, then you must raise these to at least 2.0 before you can graduate.
  • If you transferred to HCC, make sure you have completed at least 25% of your degree credits in residence at HCC.
  • If you are graduating with an AA Degree, make sure you have fulfilled the Computer, and Capstone requirements:
    1. Students must fulfill the computer requirement by successfully completing CGS 1000 (3 credits) or by passing the Computer Proficiency Exam (0 credits).
    2. If your catalog year is 2003/2004 and higher, then you must successfully complete IDS 2110 (Capstone Connections).
NOTE: Students who are planning to transfer to a university should apply to that school based on their deadline dates for the semester they plan to start. This is usually done before you have officially graduated from HCC.

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