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SouthShore Campus
Transfer Students

Transcript Review

All transfer students are required to meet with an academic advisor after enrolling at HCC.  You will need to bring unofficial copies of any college transcripts with you for us to review.  We will determine if you are at college level with your Math and English, and will give a referral for placement testing if needed.  We will also fill out a guide sheet for your major and make course suggestions for your first semester.  Keep in mind that your OFFICIAL transcript review will not be completed until you have submitted all OFFICIAL transcripts (including High School) and have completed one semester with us.  In your first semester, you should avoid taking any classes that have similar titles to courses you have completed before and only take classes you know for sure you have not had.  Again, your advisor will help you with this decision.


Transfer students are not required to attend an on-campus orientation.  Instead, we will email you a Welcome Packet with important HCC information after you have met with us.  This Welcome Packet will include instructions for registering for classes online through Hawknet.  You will get your User ID and Password when you meet with an advisor.


Due to the fact that your official transcript will not be evaluated for at least one semester, you may need to register for some of your courses in person with an advisor.  If you are trying to register for a course that has a prerequisite, and that prerequisite is listed on your unevaluated transcript, then you will need to bring your unofficial transcript to an advisor for an override.  Do not assume that because you have already submitted your official transcripts that we have access to see it.  You should bring your own personal copy of your transcript when you come in.


In order to graduate from HCC, you must have earned at least 25% of the credit hours applicable to your degree at HCC.  Please see the Graduation link on the left side of the page for more information.

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