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New Student Orientation Frequently Asked Questions       

  • What happens at Orientation?
    Orientation assists new students with their transition to college life. It provides current up-to-date information regarding HCC policies and procedures and exposes students to the broad educational opportunities at HCC. It introduces resources and areas of support and assists with the registration of classes.
  • Is New Student Orientation mandatory?
    Orientation is mandatory for most populations of students. Students who are transferring from another college, prior college degree, or former students at HCC will be permitted to complete an online orientation. Students who are non-degree seeking (only at HCC enrolling in no more than 12 credit hours) are not required to attend an orientation, but completing the online orientation is highly recommended.
  • Do I have to have an appointment to attend Orientation?
    Yes, appointments are required to attend orientation at all campuses. Individual student information is provided at Orientation and must be prepared in advance.
  • Is there a fee for Orientation?
    No, there is no fee for New Student Orientation.
  • Where is Orientation held on each campus?
    Dale Mabry
    Orientation sessions are held in DSTU243 (Student Services Building)
    Brandon Orientation sessions are held in BSSB140 (Student Services Building)
    Plant City Orientation sessions are held in either PTEC116 or PTEC118 (Technology Building)
    Ybor Orientation sessions are held in YSSB311 (Student Services Building)
    SouthShore Orientations are generally held in Room 220
  • Can I attend Orientation at any campus?
    Yes, you may attend Orientation at any campus. However, pertinent campus information is given at each specific campus location, so it may be to your advantage to attend Orientation at the campus where to plan to attend the majority of your classes.
  • Who must complete an in-person Orientation?
    Students who are First Time in College and place into one or more prep classes through ACT/SAT/HCC College Placement test scores must attend Orientation in person. Any student is welcome to attend an in-person Orientation if they desire.
  • How long does Orientation last?
    Orientation lasts approximately 2.5 to 3 hours
  • Can I leave early?
    You must remain for the full presentation to receive credit for attending the Orientation. If you do not remain for the full presentation you will have a “registration hold” on your record and not be able to register for classes for the current or next term.
  • What if I arrive late and Orientation has already started?
    Due to the importance of all of the information at Orientation, students who arrive after the Orientation has started must re-schedule their session. It is best to arrive 20-30 minutes before Orientation is scheduled to begin to make sure you are checked in on time.
  • Can parents or guests attend Orientation with me?
    In general, orientations have limited seating and persons other than the student should not plan to attend.
  • Are children allowed to attend Orientation with me? It is recommended that children not accompany you to the orientation. Orientations last approximately 2.5 to 3 hours and provide information and material you will need to succeed at HCC in addition to assisting with the registration of classes. Your full attention is required during the presentation.
  • What do I need to bring to Orientation?
    When you attend orientation, please bring photo identification. You will be provided a pen/pencil and an orientation packet. Students who arrive without photo ID will have to reschedule their orientation appointment.
  •  I completed an Orientation, but I still have an Orientation hold. How can I get the hold removed?
    After it is determined that you have completed New Student Orientation, an Academic Advisor on any campus can remove the hold.
  •  How soon can I register after completing Orientation?
    In-Person Orientation: You may register for classes immediately upon completion of the orientation.
    Online: You may register within two business days of completiion of the online orientation.
  • Who is eligible for online Orientation?
    First Time in College students who place into college level course work in reading, writing and mathematics through ACT/SAT/HCC College Placement tests are eligible for online Orientation.In addition, former students who are returning to HCC, students with previous college coursework and non-degree seeking students are eligible for online Orientation.
  •  Where can I find the link to online orientation?
    Once it is determined that you are eligible for an online orientation, you will be provided the link by an advisor.
  • I need to re-schedule/change/cancel my Orientation date.
    To reschedule or change your orientation appointment, choose the campus reschedule link where you made your initial orientation appointment:
    Dale Mabry: /student/nsodm/reschedule.cfm
    Brandon: /student/nsobr/reschedule.cfm
    Plant City: /student/nsopc/reschedule.cfm
    Ybor City: /student/nsoyb/reschedule.cfm
    SouthShore: /student/nsoss/reschedule.cfm
    **These are only the links to RESCHEDULE. If you need to SCHEDULE an appointment, you must meet with an academic advisor and bring with your any sat/act scores that are less than two years old. If you are a transfer student, bring an unofficial copy of your transcripts. You cannot schedule an appointment online for yourself, you can only re-schedule an already existing Orientation session
  • If I attended or completed an online Orientation, but never attended classes, am I required to complete another Orientation before registering again?
    If it’s been more than a calendar year since attending HCC, you will be required to complete another Orientation before registering for classes.
  • Is a campus tour included in Orientation?
    Ybor Campus includes a tour of the campus at Orientation. Dale Mabry, Brandon, Plant City and Southshore campuses do not include a tour. Plant City will schedule an individual tour at the student’s request.