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First Generation Collegians Club (FGC)

Check the FGC Facebook page for more information:

FGC was formed to provide additional support to students who are the first in their family to go to college. Students don’t have to be the first in order to join the club, anyone is welcome but our events and meetings usually contain information about scholarships, community service opportunities, social activities, etc.

The club is a vehicle with which to bring important student services information to them. We realize that many students are also non-traditional, they are older or have families to support and work days so they can attend classes at night. We would like those students to feel like they can participate in a club through our Facebook page and still get important information. 

Helen Barclay
BLRC, 206 - Brandon Campus
(813) 253-7844  - email:  hbarclay2@hccfl.edu