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 Credit by Examination  
  • Students may earn credit in approved courses by earning “C” or better on the appropriate HCC examination.

  • Credit awarded by examination becomes part of the student’s permanent record, and the grade earned on the examination is used in calculating students’ cumulative GPAs.

  • A student must obtain approval from the appropriate campus Academic Dean to take credit-by-examination.

  • In addition to a $20 non-refundable examination fee, a student who passes the examination will be required to pay a per-credit hour processing fee.

  • A student may obtain the required forms and additional information through the appropriate campus Academic Dean.

  • A student may not retake a credit-by-exam if a grade of “C” or better has been earned on a previous exam.

  • A student is not eligible to attempt credit-by examination for any courses in which the student is currently enrolled.

  • A student who has completed a course and earned a grade of “D” or “F” is eligible to repeat it through credit-by-examination.

  • Grades for courses repeated through credit-by-examination are recorded in the same way as courses repeated through class attendance.

  • If a student has applied to graduate at the end of the term and intends to take one or more courses through credit-by-examination, that student must notify the graduation clerk in the campus Office of Admissions, Registration, and Records (AR&R). In order for credit earned through examination to be used in meeting graduation requirements, a student must submit documentation of the passing grade to the appropriate Admissions, Registration, and Records office three weeks prior to the end of the academic term.

  • NOTE: Credit earned through credit-by-examination may not be counted toward the requirement that students complete at least 25% of the credit hours applicable to a degree in residence at the college.