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Welcome from your Campus President

Dear Ybor City Campus:


Welcome Back to Hillsborough Community College and the Ybor City Campus! The 2014-15 year see progress on many long-planned projects. Look for classroom upgrades, new services for students, more classroom renovations, and expanding programs. With stabilized enrollment and staffing levels, we will continue to update our organization structure. Look for more courses in core areas that are geared to the transfer student and an expansion in Diesel Mechanics and Mixed Media. Be ready to share your thoughts on what the campus needs to focus on over the next three to five years. Look for a redesign of our course schedule to make better use of classroom space and be more conducive to both full-time and part-time students. Look for ways you can help your college develop and implement its second Quality Enhancement Plan as part of our accreditation reaffirmation.

Meet Dr. Shawn H. Robinson, Ybor City Campus President

If you are a student at the Ybor City Campus, you can keep expecting monthly email updates from me on things you should not miss out on. However, don't forget to check our Student Resource and Campus News webpages for information throughout the year. You can find information about a wide array of programs and the many events that take place on the Ybor City Campus and around Hillsborough Community College. Reaching your educational and life goals is why you chose to enroll in college and HCC - Ybor City is proud that you chose us. Make sure to read our First-Week Learning Principles to help set the tone for what you should expect from us and what we should expect from you.

For our adjuncts, new faculty, and those seeking to improve student learning and their teaching techniques, we continue to revamp and upgrade our Faculty Resource Center and faculty development programming. Students, faculty, and staff should look for more opportunities to involve yourselves in campus governance through the Campus Advisory Council, Campus Learning Council, Campus Planning Council, and during our Campus Planning Day.

On the campus, there will be many opportunities for students and employees to show their campus and college spirit in meaningful ways. Our Spirit Days remains strong at the Ybor City Campus where everyone is encouraged to wear HCC clothes each and every Thursday. Please visit the Bookstore on Thursdays to receive discounts on HCC apparel and extra discounts weekly by using your HawkCard Student ID. Student Government will be active throughout the year with great programming focused on developing the student outside of the classroom and to keep students connected to the college. Don’t forget about the HCC Olympics in the Spring which is co-sponsored by the Campus Advisory Council and Student Government. To further the co-curricular theme, the Student Success Seminar Series will continue to diversify its programming to include more issues of importance to students and their success in the classroom and in life as well as link up with other campus programs. For our campus employees, we will be holding a series of Faculty and Staff Success Seminars to develop future campus and college leaders.

I will close as I have done before. Never settle for less than excellence. I look forward to a great year in which a focus on student learning, student empowerment, teaching excellence, campus and college pride, community engagement, and camaraderie is what will take the Ybor City Campus to the next level.

Here’s to great times ahead in 2014 – 2015!!!

Dr. Shawn H. Robinson
Ybor City Campus President