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From: Shields, Steve
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2008 4:48 PM
To: HCC Community
Subject: Preventing and Reporting Campus Thefts


College Community:


Throughout the nation, thefts on campus are increasing!  Hillsborough Community College is not unique and, unfortunately, has experienced our share.  Please help reduce the opportunity for theft through the following helpful tips:


1. Always ensure belongings such as purses, books, book bags, laptops, iPods, briefcases, etc. are secured.  If an item cannot be secured, take the item with you.  Please note that an item left in a classroom, restroom, library, café, etc. is considered unsecured.


2. Stay alert and use your intuition.


3. Secure valuable items in the trunk of your vehicle or the glove box. Make sure those items are not visible through the windows, prior to entering a parking lot or keep those items with you.  Please remember to you lock your vehicle doors and take your keys when you exit.


4.  Refrain from bringing large sums of cash or extremely valuable items on campus.


5.  If you are a victim of theft or a witness, report all incidents and concerns to the HCC Public Safety Office at 253-7911.


Exercising prevention will ensure YOU maintain YOUR possessions!

Thank you!

Steve Shields

Dir. Risk Mgt., Safety & Aux. Servs.

Hillsborough Community College