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Parking Frequently Asked Questions



1.     Where do I go if the parking garage is full?

There are other designated student parking lots, please refer to the map for the locations of these lots.


2.     Will I have to pay a parking fee at the Ybor City Campus?

No, there are no initial parking fees that students are responsible for to park at the Ybor City Campus.


3.     What are the hours that a student can legitimately park?

In the Palm Avenue Parking Garage, the hours of operation are:

    Monday - Thursday (6:00AM - 10:00PM); Friday and Saturday (6:00AM - 6:00PM)


On the HCC Parking Lots, the hours of operation are:

Monday though Saturday (6:00AM - 11:00PM)

Sunday (6:00AM - 9:00PM)


          Students parked in authorized areas must appropriately display their hang tags at all times while parked in those areas. Failure to  do so may result in a ticket, fines, and perhaps even towing with associated vehicle stowage and recovery fees.


4.    What if I am just here to wait on someone?

You may wait for someone provided you do not leave your car unattended. However, you may be asked to move your vehicle in the event that you are blocking traffic.


5.    What if my car gets hit in the parking garage?

Report this immediately to the HCC Security Officer who is patrolling the parking garage or report it to the HCC Security Office located on the first floor of the Administration Building.


6.    Do we have security escorts to our car?

Security escorts are not formally provided; however, if you have a special need, it is your responsibility to notify the Security Office in advance and a determination will be made as to the whether the assistance is feasible. Their phone number is 253-7627 or 253-7911.


7.    What should I do if I get a citation?

If you feel that you were wrongly given a citation, contact the Student Services office at 253-7759.


8.    If I pay for my classes online, how do I get my parking hang tag?

       Bring a copy of your schedule from Hawknet to the Security Office located across from the Bookstore on the first floor of the Ybor Building (YBOR) prior to classes starting and a hang tag will be provided.


9.    What if I am in a wheelchair?

Parking spaces for students with disabilities are available on each floor of the North garage. They are available to HCC students who have a state approved disabled parking hang tag or license plate. Parking for students with disabilities is also available in each student parking lot. The spaces are clearly identified with blue paint and signage.


10.   Where can I pick up a parking decal and a map of the campus?

These items are available in the Security Office. Maps are also available in the Advising and Counseling Office.


11.   What if I have lost my parking hang tag?

Contact the Security Office immediately and they will implement the process to assist you in obtaining a replacement hang tag.


12.   Do I have to pay a fee for a second hang tag?






with HCC Parking Permit



ALL HCC Students, Faculty and Staff MUST Adhere to




Vehicles displaying an HCC parking decal or hangtag will not be subject to a citation for not paying either the cashier or drop box during the listed hours of operation when parking in the official HCC Parking Garage (Noreiga) during the HCC Hours of Operation.


If you did not receive a parking permit entering the Parking Garage or an HCC Parking Lot, parking permits are available at the Security.

 If you  have questions related to parking, please call (813) 253- 7759.