Hillsborough Community College TYCA

Call for Proposals

The proposal form must be downloaded to your computer, then filled out and returned either by email attachment to Sylvia Holladay at sholladay@hccfl.edu  or mailed to:
Sylvia Holladay
Hillsborough Community College, Brandon Campus
10414 E. Columbus Drive,
Tampa Florida 33619-7850

Proposal Deadline has been extended to January 15, 2014 

The Proposal Consists of: (1) Submission Form (2) Abstract - 300 words or less and must be "copy ready" (3) Bio for each presenter.   

Session Strands:
Assessment * Composition and Rhetoric * Creative Writing * Developmental Writing * Film Studies * International Studies* Media * Pedagogy * Reading * Speech/Listening * Technology * Technical Writing


Program Presenters must be members of TYCA-SE. If you are not currently a member, please join here or send your membership dues with your Conference Registration Form.


For assistance, please contact Sylvia Holladay at (813) 253-7807 or sholladay@hccfl.edu 

Presenters will receive a confirmation email once their proposal has been received.  The conference registration fee is required of all presenters.