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2008-2009 collage

"Just Suppose"                                                                 Jerry Uelsmann & Maggie Taylor  Sept 10-Oct 24, 2008       

 "Reflecting Identity:  Art, Heart, and Soul"                 Honoring Tampa's Hispanic Heritage   Nov 2008  

 Senior Master's Exhibit                                  Blake High School

"Evidence, Not Proof"                                    David Audet & Judith Robertson Jan 8-Feb 5, 2009

"Specimens, Observations, & Drawings"             Linda Armstrong  Feb 12-Mar 12, 2009

"Postage Due"                                             Lori Ballard & Steve Smith  Mar 26-Apr 9, 2009

 35th HCC Juried Student Art Exhibit                 Apr 17-May 8, 2009 

"Icons of Innocence" Exhibit                           Caroline Cleere  May 14- Jun 11, 2009 

 Academy Prep Center of Tampa Exhibit                         6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Students  Jun 17-25, 2009

"Stretching the Imagination"                            Jeanne Cameron & the HCC Painting Students  July 1-17, 2009

 "The Slow Death of a Flamingo"                      Jul 30-Aug 21, 2009


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