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Hillsborough Community College

Ybor City Campus Art Gallery

2010-2011 Exhibition Season

  Hillsborough Community College's Art Gallery is located in the Performing Arts Building Room 114 on the Ybor City Campus located at 2204 N. 15th Street Tampa, FL 33605. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., except Tuesdays from 12 noon to 7 p.m. The gallery is open to the public, and admission is free for everyone. Click here for a map of the campus. For further information or to arrange special hours, contact Gallery Coordinator, Carolyn Kossar at ckossar@hccfl.edu  or 813-253-7674.

 ERNESTO PILOTO, "Reflections" - October 7-29, 2010
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage on the Ybor City Campus


Cuban-born artist Ernesto Piloto exhibits several of his mixed media canvases and edible chocolate sculpture.


 Ernesto Piloto, Tight Rope  Ernesto Piloto


 "East Meets West," Faculty Photography from the
Southeast Center for Photographic Studies at Daytona State College
September 2-28, 2010    Opening Reception-Thurs., Sept 9, 7-9pm


 Lecture: Sept 9, 6:15pm, Mainstage Theatre, GARY MONROE--"Here and There: Photographs of People and Places
Lecture: Sept 10, 11:15am, Mainstage Theatre, STEVE BENSON--"The Cost of Power in China: The Three Gorges Dam Project"
Lecture: Sept 16, Mainstage Theatre, ERIC BREITENBACH--"Beauty and Cruelty, Holding Hands"


 Rain on the Yangtze River


 "The Red Show" - Art Cloth Alliance
August 3-26, 2010 

This exhibition explores the color RED in all its shades, hues and values. Both abstract and realistic expressions of red are based on culture, on tradition and on atmosphere. Individual artists produced cloth yardage, responding to the stimulus of red on various fabrics. An artist who creates a piece of complex cloth layers colors, dyes, discharges, screen prints, stamps, foils and embellishing, creating layers of meaning and color.
Linda Dawson, The Red Show
Sarah Butz, The RedShow
Bonnie Bowman, The Red Show

 An Artist/Instructor/Student Exhibit Series #3
"PRINT III" - June 17-July 22, 2010

This show is our third in a series of Artist/Instructor/Student exhibits. Featured in "PRINT III" are contemporary prints by HCC Fine Art Instructor Tracy Midulla Reller with HCC Printmaking students. They are David Diaz, Joel Ellison, Viviana Mayumbo, Ashley Niven, Jasmin Pititto, Brenna Robe, Sarah Schomers and Stephanie Swanson. The exhibit showcases mixed media, experimental and traditional printmaking practices including etching, chin colle, litho transfers and various monotype techniques.
Student Print, Pittito
Student Print, Ellison

 Student Print, Diaz


 GINGER OWEN, "Kite Piece"   May 18-June 10, 2010
Cyanotype and mixed media installation


HCC graduate Ginger Owen, presently Photography and Intermedia Program Instructor at Western Michigan University, will present a unique 2-D and 3-D photographic installation in the Ybor Art Gallery featuring cyanotype prints.


 36th Annual HCC Juried Student Art Exhibition - April 22-May 13, 2010
Sponsored by Las Damas De Arte

                       First Place Winner, Student 2010                                Student Honorable Mention Award, 2010

First Place Award Winner Ashley Niven
with Dean Alford and Instructor Tracy Reller

  Winning members of the 3-D Design Team 

Honorable Mention Award Winner
Seongmi Seol and Dean Alford


"Dreamers and Troublemakers"
Charlotte Lee, Mixed media sculpture and Christopher W. Weeks, Digital imagery
April 5-15, 2010 Complementing the HCC Ybor Festival of the Moving Image

Charlotte Lee Speaks in the Gallery
chris weeks 1
chris weeks 2

 Charlotte Lee speaks about her work
at the Opening Reception 

 Chris Weeks, digital image from
"The Apostle" series

 Chris Weeks, digital image from
"The Apostle" series


 X Y Z - Navigating the Landscape of Belief - DOLORES COE, SHERYL HALER & DEE HOOD
March 1-25, 2010

"XYZ" creates a transmedia gathering of physical and visual icons, both real and invented, that speak to the human need to believe in something. The historical creation of systems of belief--stories, entities, objects, symbols and spaces that we create to comfort, validate, explain and connect is the starting point. The power of the mystery and magic assigned these spirits to guide, heal, protect, enlighten and avenge provides the basis for this metaphorical space--with a contemporary take on navigating the landscape of belief.
Earth Heart
Surfing with Dante

 An Artist/Instructor/Student Exhibit Series - "Crossing the Line"
Feb. 3-17, 2010

Alligator Tale, Yoko Nogami

This is our second in a series of Artist/Instructor/Student art exhibitions entitled "Crossing the Line." It is a sampling of new work by HCC drawing students and drawing instructors Jeanne Cameron, Katherine Moyse, Yoko Nogami and Britzel Vasquez. On display are several works on  paper in the traditional media of charcoal, pen and ink, colored pencil and graphite, as well as digital drawings.

 Peanut Butter
Seol drawing

 cancelled - New Work by Maria Saraceno    January 7-28, 2010

Maria is a sculptor and installation artist with an MFA from the University of South Florida. Born and raised in Italy, but having lived the majority of her life in the US, her work has dealt with issues of marginalization and sociopolitical issues frequently associated with a bicultural person. Maria is the recipient of several awards and of a Pinellas Arts Council Individual Artist Grant. She has exhibited at the Tampa Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Art in St. Petersburg, the USF Contemporary Art Museum and the Dunedin Fine Arts Center.
 The Girls

 Maria installs "cancelled"
in the Ybor gallery.


 Blake High School Senior Masters Certification Exhibit
December 3-16, 2009

Howard W. Blake Arts Magnet High School seniors exhibit all fine art disciplines from their 4-year concentration in the arts. Winners are given HCC scholarships for tuition.

 "Snake Dance Moon," Contemporary Native American Art
November 3-27, 2009


"Snake Dance Moon."Native American Artists Brian Coffin, Doug Coffin and Linda Haukaas 

This exhibit showcases painting and sculpture by father and son Doug and Brian Coffin of Taos and Abiqui, New Mexico and ledger drawing by Rosebud Lakota Sioux artist Linda Haukaas during Native American Month November 3-27.

Messenger, Doug Coffin
Brian Coffin, Beginning
Linda Haukaas Horses

 Juan Pacheco & the Ancient City of Caral, October 5-28, 2009 

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month on the Ybor Campus, the Art Gallery has invited artist Juan Pacheco from Lima, Peru, to create an installation in the performing arts building. Juan’s current work is inspired by the Ancient City of Caral, Peru, about 5 hours north of Lima. Caral is a relatively new acrheological find, discovered only 10 years ago. It consists of 7 pyramids that are approximately 5,500 years old, making it the oldest city in the Americas. During the construction of the pyramids at Caral the ancients made knotted fiber bags filled with rocks called “shicras,” that were used as the mortar between the huge stones of the pyramids. They are being excavated at the site today, and have are the source inspiration for Juan Pacheco’s fiber, “Peruvian stitch” shicra artwork. In 2009 Caral was designated a World Heritage Patrimonial Site by UNESCO. 
 Pacheco1  Pacheco2  Pacheco Creates Installation
 Caral 1  Caral 2  Caral 3

 Roger Chamieh, Swing Your Empire, sculpture    September 3-30, 2009 

Corazon, Chamieh
Vector Z, Chamieh
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