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Paralegal Course Descriptions
Advanced Technical Certificate
HILLSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE Advanced Technical Certificate Program in Paralegal/Legal Assisting

(21 credit hours) 


            The Paralegal/Legal Assisting Advanced Technical Certificate is designed to enable students who already hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher to take paralegal courses at Hillsborough Community College and qualify to take the Certified Legal Assistant exam sponsored by the National Association for Legal Assistants.  It further prepares those students for work of a legal nature in law offices, corporations or governmental agencies.  A total of 21 credit hours are required for this certificate.


Course                                                Description                                         Credit Hours


PLA 1003                               Introduction to Legal Assisting                                  3


PLA 1271                               Tort Law                                                                     3


PLA 1104                               Legal Research & Writing I                                         3

                                                (prerequisite PLA 1003)


PLA 2114                               Legal Research & Writing II                                        3

                                                (prerequisite PLA 1104)

                                                 Required Courses Total Credit Hours                    12 


Electives                     Choose 3 courses for total of 9 credit hours from the

                                    following list based on area of interest:


PLA 1203                               Litigation Procedures I                                                  3

                                                (prerequisite PLA 1003)

PLA 1433                               Business Organizations                                                 3

PLA 1600                               Wills/Estate/Trust Administration                                   3

PLA 1611                               Real Estate/Property Transaction I                                3

PLA 2303                               Criminal Litigation                                                          3

PLA 2421                               Contract Law                                                                 3

PLA 2460                               Bankruptcy Law                                                             3

PLA 2800                               Family Relations/Family Law                                           3

PLA 1700                               Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility                  3

                                                (prerequisite PLA 1003)

                                                            Total Hours of Electives                               9            

 Total Hours for the Advanced Technical Certificate                              21


NOTE:  A grade of “C” or better must be attained for each course taken for this certificate.