Program Length: 4 semesters

Program Site: Ybor City Campus Training Center

Class Time: Monday - Thursday,  5:00pm - 10:30pm

Course Requirements for Applied Welding Technologies Program Certificate
Hours Required for Completion: 1170 clock hours

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Course Description

Welder Helper

250 Hours

The welder helper course provides the basic shop skills and safety practices needed to participate in shop activities. This includes basic mathematic operations, measuring and grinding, and communication skills. Also, students will gain and demonstrate oxyfuel cutting and welding practices to create finished projects. This course includes a basic coverage of shielded metal arc welding. 

Welder, shielded metal arc

250 Hours

The shielded metal arc welding course gives students a working understanding of intermediate shielded metal arc processes, including all position V-groove welds. Also taught in this course are welding drawing, blueprint, and symbol interpretation skills, metal identification skills, and health and safety regulation overviews.  

WELDer, gas-metal arc

125 Hours

In this course, students will be provided with a basic to intermediate knowledge of gas-metal arc processes. Set-up and operation of gas metal arc equipment and performance of basic fillet and groove welds will be performed by students. During this course, in addition to GMAW welding practice, the students will receive lectures on ethical and legal obligations and personal financial responsibility. 

Welder, flux cored arc

100 Hours

As a result of the flux cored welding section, student will be expected to demonstrate a working knowledge of the equipment and accessories used in the flux cored arc welding process. Also discussed in this section is the role of teamwork and trust in the welder’s workplace, as well as leadership skills and employability skills such as positive work behaviors. 

welder, gas-tungsten arc

175 Hours

Students who attend this course will be provided with the knowledge required to produce acceptable fillet and groove welds using the gas-tungsten arc welding process, as well as to set up and maintain the related equipment to this process.

Welder, pipe

270 Hours

In the final welding course, methods of fabricating and welding joints in pipe, with a variety of positions, up to industry standards. In addition to that, students will gain the ability to repair ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as fabricate products according to a drawing or blueprint.